The American actor Qwen Wilson is 50 years of age


Scotland also appeared in the commercially successful Anakonde and in 1998.

Dallas / Bratislava, November 18 (TASR) – Owen Wilson, Hollywood actor, tells of films such as How to Catch a Bridesmaid, His Footer, That's a Lotor !, Starsky and Hutch, or Shanghai Knights. The Academy Prize did not give him an actor but his original script. On Sunday November 18, he is 50 years of comedy actor, producer and screenwriter.

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Owen Cunningham Williams was born on November 18, 1968 in Dallas, Texas, USA, to a family of officer and photographer. He had not first considered the actress. After graduating from secondary school, he was studying at the military academy in New Mexico. Later on, however, he made a record at the University of Texas, where he met the future director of Wes Anderson. Together they wrote a script for the short film Bottle Rocket (Grazli, 1994). In 1996, he expanded his expansion, the success of the Sundance festival, and Gracie Films was interested in the film. In the low budget picture, along with Owen, his brother Lukas played. Herca Hollywood noticed and the offer did not wait for a long time.

In 1996 he played a smaller part in the comedy of Guy Guy (Opravár) with the director of Ben Stiller.

The successful Hollywood match in the successful Anakonde appeared, and in 1998 it was a star with another star in the picture of Michael Bay Armageddon.

They followed films by Jason Schwartzmann in the Rushmore comedy and at Midnight's Bay St Stiller, based on Jerry Stahl's favorite biography, author Alf and Moonlight.

Later on, he starred at one of the major roles in The Horror, 1999. However, the film finished with a fiasco and Wilson was much more successful in Kid an Iar (Eastern, 2000), where It is very important with Jackie Chan's hero. The film got out the cinema, so Wilson was involved in the film film Behind Enemy Lines (2001). It was a simple action film; on a war issue in Yugoslavia. Interestingly, Owen Wilson sent his hand as long as he was in. filmed in Zádielská Tiesňava in Slovakia and had to be handled at the University Hospital of the University of San Sebastian.

A sympathy film hero was made in the Chomet Foter in 2000 as well as in the Royal Tenenbaums (2001). In 2002, I came from the Spy (Som Som) to the cinemas, and the series continues in the East film. Shanghai Knights (Rytieri à Shanghai, 2003) the second part. He also gave The Life Aquatic actor by Steve Zissou (2004), and no other series for the comedy Meet the Fockers where he played with Robert de Nirom. 2005 is considered to be the lead role of Owen Wilson. Together with Vince Vaughn they joined and killed their famous comedy, Wedding Crashers, who won US $ 200 million in American design.

In the personal life of the actor, difficulties arose and on 26 August 2008, Wilson tried to kill him. The spiders swallowed on his left arm and used more drugs. After rescues, healing returned and dreamed back to camera work. This time, the audiences got a place in Marley & Me Tragikomédi (Marley & Me, 2008). Sculpture-sculptures Photograph of Scott Francis Scott Frank.

Romantic comedy stars Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris (Polnoc in Paris, 2011) Owen Wilson and Marion Cotillard, as well as French French wife Carlo Bruni.

His actor did not even fail in a unexpected travel trip to find out who his father is in the Bastards (Bastardi, 2017). Stephen Chboska's director was in the spectacular and amazing (2017) surprise featuring key actuaries – Julie Roberts and Owen Wilson. The story gives animation to the characters of the children who are, putting the listeners in fact in fact.

Although the actor is not Hollywood's star star because of his realistic selling of his films, Starsky and Hutch and how they got married, it seems to happen in a long time.

Owen Wilson discusses his own fun successful as a secret for himself, a broken nose several times, to the InStyle magazine.

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