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Years into the American opioid problem, when the death money rises to hundreds of thousands, the Scottish Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a hearing to consider the petitioning of a drug company to agree give you a new strength strength problem.

The FDA will meet consulting committees of doctors and scientists to emphasize the arguments for and against the face of new drugs. In 2012, opioid was 10 times more powerful than regular Zooydro, restaurant bargains. Before that time, there was no doubt about getting the worst disease in the history of the USA. So far, he has been advocating at least 350,000 lives. Around 150 people per day die in emergencies with roots in the # 39; for a great order on opioid painkillers who gave forty years ago.

The tax was very much on the doctor's mind on the committee. They caught the experts of drug makers with questions about why another pill was needed when the center was over opioids. An anesthetist thought if it was worth the "big danger" to be in a position; giving powerful and very difficult drugs the small number that would benefit from Zohydro. The doctors asked if the finished pills would have to destroy more life than they did; developed.

The FDA superintendent on the committee told the doctors that they did not have any business; asking such questions. He alerted the committee, saying that there would be a "playground for business". In other words, if one company was making money from dangerous hazards when others were worthy of it, even though it was the case; kill people. Some of the doctors were spectacular. One said that "health of the public is the most important", not profits. Agree to & # 39; The 11-2 committee opposed Zohydro to agree. A majority of the members also said that it was not safe even for those who were ordered. But the FDA decided that it did not enjoy the committee's advice and, He agreed the drug that was sold due to the benefit of a narrow set of patients.

How did it come to this, at a federally renowned federal group in the early 1960s for specific standards by including a license for thalidomide, even as a morning illness drug & # 39; preparing for babies from women throughout Europe? How do FDA failures and other federal bodies have their single purpose to protect the US public, how does the opioid disease increase for two decades? The response that warns the NHS about the risk of privacy and privacy; Links to public health services and large businesses, by opening the door to the unprofitable corporate impact on policies, practices and medical standards.

American opioid infections have complex roots, and # 39; including a virtuous evangelist by a group of doctors to find out what they have seen as unreasonably misleading in the use of shingles to cure a continuous pain, not just as they die, because Fears are unhappy about drugs.

At the end, it was led by drug makers and the marriage for profits. They used their great financial gaze for giving a wide order of opioids, to which doctors were in a position; Writing more than 200m orders per year – enough for every adult in the country to spend a month's "heroin in a pill" month. They did, effectively, pain policies and doctor's medical manuscripts, since public bodies and medical authorities were given. Within the FDA, some officers have proceeded to the group to consider their impact; The disease is in deciding whether to agree to new opioids and should they; Limit the order of existing pills on your market. However, business ideas were ahead, with the drug agreement department to a large extent. The claim was discovered that those who were aggressive, not the pills and ordination practices, were the crime.

Food and Drug Administration Area in Spring Cash, Maryland.

Food and Drug Administration Area

in Silver Spring, Maryland. Photograph: Andrew Harnik / AP

Since changing to the FDA funding in the 1990s, it has relied on taxes by medical makers to obtain their drug licenses that it has been coping with the & # 39; business as a client or partner. At the time the tax was introduced, the FDA Center for Drugs Assessment and Investigation, Dr Carl Peck, warned that the new situation gave some of the body's power to drug companies. And so he did.

Former officers say that a culture will be developed within the organization that will avoid drug trafficking. He praised the wrong claims of Purdue Pharma, the OxyContin producer of a powerful opioid that began the disease, that the drug was not so foolish and more effective than other drugs without the proper clinical trial. In the 1990s, her company was blocking a & # 39; cover for its & # 39; industry in terms of risk of unsustainable attack on self-kill, especially in teenagers.

Business money also has a & # 39; access buyers. For more than ten years, a large pharmacy was paying thousands of dollars at once to keep her officers sitting at the same record as FDA officers who had a decision of opioid policies. That was partly possible because the line between a ruler and regulation had been on a # 39; get worse. He was the leader of the United Nations for Controlling and Disease Diseases, indicating the emergence of opioid in disease, telling me that many federal health organizations had "brought much business money" to and that has affected their situation on having a & # 39; ordering opioids.

The Zohydro hearing was a turning point, at least in order to awaken the FDA to frighten its & enlargement of the population was largely due to the disease. Dr Margaret Hammond, who was the leader of the group when licensing was diagnosed, said that within the FDA "it was so sad that this was a great deal. ".

But many have changed significantly in a healthcare system that is a business, not a service.

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