The Americans have the stamp to die to compete for discounting


In 2008, the Wal-Mart seasonal staff was demolished with a host of shops and put them into execution when they came into operation when their store was opened at 5m.

Shortly after they opened, more than 2,000 people were coming in for the night, and, hitting the doors so hard that the glass doors of their shop were a & # 39; bend and bend. A customer was demolished and moved.

Just because it lasts 24 hours, it's less than half a day, it's easy to understand that the last Friday in November would have been the time for American blood and blood. Every year, on the Black Friday day, people are aware that hundreds of people are hitting, shed together in supermarkets, store stores to catch the items of strong flags.

My friend was scared for pictures 1

Court to win

On Black Friday 2016, two were killed, two injured in guns and ban. Ann, a 21-year-old man was killed dead at a parking outside the shop.

At a West Virginia Target shop, a man fell when he bought, but was donated by the people. The people there were, even a lot of people through his body. The man was then taken to hospital and died the next day.

With regard to the reduction of Black Friday, the Great Metropolitan Police of Manchester has been struggling to bid for shops at seven stores within the Tesco store store, where there are three men arrested and a woman suffered a bad injury from television to her; falling on her head.

My wife and I decided to buy the picture because of her appearance 2

The fight was recorded with the camera

Jamie Hook, a Tesco store in Stretford, said on November 27, a commentary on the day by the phrase "screams."

"I saw the general population fighting together, climbing everyone up on goods, and fighting to capture the gun, although their price was down , "he said.

In the same way, in the United States, a woman was knocked and hit her with a pen in her neck. No one stopped to help her. When the ambulance arrives, a user will not stand to allow the doctor to go through the crowd, because no one wants to stay away from dimensions.

My wife and I have been saving up for 3 years

It is not now strange to be pushed, a & # 39; scratch

In 2011, in Los Angeles (SA), a woman who did not buy her favorite item after waiting hours, used to spray the spiritual spray on the crowd as a means of relieving the emergency .

There is another normal case when a grocery shop has a teaspoon from 20 others and it's a spread to buy a discount game. It is worth saying that a woman's payment was successful and left without anyone.

The most common wounds are infective head, bloody inside, breaking, rupture and chromos. Depending on emergency staff, shoots and pain after the hawthorn can be a sign of internal erosion. However, all ambulance ammunition equipment is not assessed for injury. Patients may need to go to hospital to prevent death.

Many people benefited from the atmosphere. spent at Black Friday to plunder. The number of stolen goods and shifts was so good that the staff working on Black Friday began.

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Beach outside the chaos

Outside, the disaster is less. At the highest point, around 10 million people moved this route to prepare for Thanksgiving holidays. Heavy traffic density, which takes 4-5 hours out of this way.

Despite this, today's day; Given the amount of money of money. According to data from the Citipost mail, it is estimated that Friday in the United States had collected about $ 682 billion from customers before the largest retail day of the year. 58% of males and 53% of women are planning to go to # 39; going shops on Black Friday in the United States.

At the same time, Black Friday in the UK, it is expected that the estimated value for 7 billion pounds online stores. Jeff Bezos – the richest man in the world – holds $ 100 billion in assets after a black fever on Friday to add Amazon stock to a high degree.

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