The ANMAT agreed to take medicine with hundreds of patients with anticipated atrophy t


National Medicine, Food and Medical Technology contributed to this country-based medicine with many families. It is a drug for the treatment of backbone atrophy (SMA), nuclear genetic pathology that affects children but also adults, and records about 300 cases in transfusion. Argentina.

The news was recognized by the group called "Families AMEArgentina", which has been seeking the agreement of the drug called Spinraza economically, which can treat the disease. In their Twitter account they published: "there is a long struggle to get to a medicine that significantly changes the quality of life of those affected."

What is the Drum Muscular Attachment (SMA)?

It is a neuromuscular disease, of genetic genetics, which results in a gradual loss of muscle strength. This is because of motorized neurons in the spinal column, which means that the nervous vitality cannot be properly broadcast into the muscles and that they are so severe. making sharp.

According to El Profesional, it is an autosomal average ophthalmic disease, which means that both parents have to carry the gene that is responsible for the disease. In addition, it is important to make clear that while both parents are carriers, the probability that the gene will be deficient is 25%: one in four and independent all new pregnancies.

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