The ANMAT was forbidden to sell two olive oil and feeding development


FAMIGLIA ANDREOLI additional olive oil

One of the products banned by ANMAT.

One of the products banned by ANMAT.

He also sells "Extra olive oil, FAMIGLIA ANDREOLI brand, best to use N / A: March 2019, RNPA 12-0005931, prepared and packed by RNE 12-000503 for ANDREOLI HNOS. S.R.L., San Martín 314, Apartment 2, Section A, town of La Rioja. "

According to the group it is about it "materials that can not be identified reliably and clearly how they are made, handled and / or apportioned in a specific center".

In terms of feeding development, the 1932/2018 provision indicates that the product is based on spirulin and magnesium, spirulin is enhanced by magnesium, of the Moots series, "he's in a bankruptcy to article 3 of Law 18284, to article 3 of Annex II of Declaration 2126/71 and to articles 6 bis, 155, 1383 and 1383 bis of the CAA for a lack of authority for recording the story without TACC , not so allowed, as a result of being on a verbal and therefore illegal leaflet, "the ANMAT gave him the opportunity.

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