The annual fiscal yearly budget bill 2019 receives $ 21.5 billion for NASA


WASHINGTON – An adjustment bill signed by the law of 15 February brings NASA $ 21.5 billion for the yearly 2019 year, $ 1.6 billion above the initial administration request.

The bill was agreed, which added a number of different protected files as well as a security package to & # 39; border, with a vast majority of the House and the Assembly 14 February for avoiding closing part of another government. President Trump signed the bill of February 15, an hour before the finalization of ongoing settlement funding for those parts of the government to end.

NASA's bills were equivalent to one agreed by the House in January, including both overall financing levels – an increase of $ 1.6 billion over the initial application of the organization – and the reporting language. That report met the strong language that appears "a big disappointment" in the Spanish Webcam James Webb and its " the latest and timetable cost, and its & # 39; Warning if there are other problems. "JWST needs to save a cost or delete the campaign."

The last bill is denied to & # 39; Proposal to reorganize the accounts used to provide funding to NASA's organization in its budget request for a year ago. That proposal attempted to replace the two Deep Space Exploration and Research and Technology Research systems, to replace Spanish and Research Technology. Moving some technology programs as a result of the future thinking of the Technology Mission General Spatial Directorate. The final bill will store the accounts of Space and Audit Technology; already.

The space received $ 926.9 million space technology, with the report saying "the need to maintain independent research and technology care to support science and human research programs." After that, $ 180 million to Restore-L, a satellite service service today will also be threatening to & # 39; stopping it, and $ 100 million to thermal nuclear energy research, including planning for a flying show mission by 2024.

NASA science programs were among the greatest benefits of budget enlargement, and # 39; get just over $ 1 billion above the original application. Planetary science alone received more than $ 500 million above the demand, which included $ 280 million for the Europa Clipper mission and $ 195 million for a continuous commitment to its mission. Such a jupiter moon of Jupiter that has not been included in the original request. However, these initiatives would launch a year, however, to 2023 for Europa Clipper and 2025 for the country.

The bill also maintains funding for an Historic Intelligent Survey Telescope (WFIRST), which was NASA's & # 39; trying to abolish her 2019 budget application. The $ 321 million provided for its purpose is to showcase in the mid 2020s, with a costabout of $ 3.2 billion.

The budget offers $ 110 million for the NASA education program, since the renunciation of Engagement, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The administration, for the second year of each other, did not ask for any money for his / her program as he wanted, a suggestion that he had; addressing the criticism of bipartisans.

The $ 2.15 billion Space Disposal System and Orion spacecraft were $ 1.35 billion, just below the original application. The report requested spending at least $ 150 million on the Advanced Level Exam (EUS) that was developed for the Block 1B version of SLS among those high quality work concerns; pull down. "There is strong support for the development of the EUS to ensure NASA has strong enough capacity to support the regular reach of high-rise science and human demonstration," said the report, demanding it, and the second moving move platform, to be ready by 2024.

NASA's white plans have also been well done, with the Lunar Gateway, known as the Lunar Orbital Platform in the report, receiving $ 450 million while & # 39; The Advanced Cislunar and Abilities Surface won $ 116.5 million. A low low lying comparative venture, which was included in the budget, was part of a proposal to complete direct funding of international Speech Station works in 2025, with only $ 40 million of Request $ 150 million to "analyze port activity and other activities to enable the potential of commercial activities in the future at the International Speyside".

The report also rejects NASA's recommendation to work with others in a & # 39; Find "Technosignatures", such as radio broadcasts or other evidence of external civilizations. The draft House of the 2019 cost bill included $ 10 million in NASA astrophysics "to engage with the private sector and as many groups of astronomy as possible" on such a inquiries. The final bill "does not accept a House language in terms of specific work with private organizations or philanthropy organizations."

The bill in general did not include its & # 39; including paying back to contractors who had been involved with the part of the five weeks of government government, including those working for NASA. While civil servants got back payment, they did not. contractors only received a case-by-case basis, with many who were not paid.

"This has completed a hardship for more than one million workers hard work, hard-working contractual contractors, with no reason whatsoever," said Robert Martinez Jr., president of the Machinists International Unions, representing some of the staff who were influenced by NASA. In a statement of February 14, he called on the Transport that he would receive a separate bill in the rejuvenation of that salary.

Other provision of the protected bill at the SpaceX launch site under development near Brownsville, Texas, just north of Mexico's borders. Language in the page is a & # 39; stop funding from using border fences in a number of places, and including or the eastern part of the Ranch Vista del Mar of Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife House, where the SpaceX facility is built. There are concerns that any area wall wall built in the area could go through SpaceX ownership there.

"I have worked hard to take this language into account because they protect those areas that are sensitive to ecology and its & # 39; make sure local communities say they are checking out the solutions that work for them, "said Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) in a statement. He was part of the conference committee who designed the final bill and included these provisions. However, the language may not be related to funding derived from other sources, such as that move from other agencies as part of a national emergency certification announced by its name; President Trump February 15.

There is now a focus on turning to & # 39; recommends the 2020 annual budget, and most of the government that was released early in the year was delayed; February early. Capitol Hill wells now expect the budget proposal to be released early to mid- March.

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