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Reporter Wang Yixiang / broad report

On 22nd day, the handwriting, Yang Shugang, was the renewable means with the Yomiuri Giant. Yangshuo Steel's annual salary is still 300 million yen this year. Yangshuo Steel said he would use his full help to & # 39; torch to achieve his goal. At the same time, Wang Borong is expected to play well in Japan.

Yangshuo Steel returned to Taiwan. (Photo / photographer Wang Yixiang)

▲ Yangshuo Steel returned to Taiwan last week and returned to Japan today to sign a contract with its # 39; old woman. (Photograph / reporter Wang Yixiang)

In 2016, Yangshuo Steel moved from Japanese to Yomiuri Giant, signed a five year anniversary contract. This year is the second year of the contract, but the bank broke out, and there is a scheduled arrangement for coach workers. During the season, only 20% of the 45 levels had been awarded and 10 visits were paid, and Yangshuo Steel also believed that performance could be better.

On Monday, Yang Shugang returned to Japan's attack to hold a news conference in Taiwan, and then go to Japan; go back to Japan to co-ordinate with a & # 39; a member. Although the contract was signed with a string for several years, it must still be changed annually. Keep the same salary for this year, and # 39; including an annual salary of 300 million yen.

Yangshuo Steel took a tour of the Japanese media after the meeting. He said: "There is a conversation with the representatives of the seasonal bullets. I want to make good behavior and a healthy body to use it. I hope to return good. The bullets, they are also to complete the set goals. "Yangshuo Steel said he wants to play full time next year, so he will do a lot of running and re-training during the competition.

In addition, the Japanese media also persuade the news that Taiwan's "big king" will be able to get involved in Ham Hamia at Yangshuo. "SANSPO" media said Yangshuo Steel also gave a blessing. In addition to & # 39; Recalling the environment, Yangshuo Steel also said: "There are not many players playing in Japan in Japan. In any case, active performance must be paid in Japan. " Wang Borong also expects.

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