The appeal did not last: a Danish representative needs to be imprisoned!


Nicklas Bendtner and his lawyer Anders Nemeth
Nicklas Bendtner and his lawyer Anders Nemeth

COPENHAGEN – Danish football Nicklas Bendtner has rejected the claim and must be imprisoned for 50 days and also pay a 1,500 Danish crown tax (€ 200). AP Statement

The court decided in the first place on strike 30 years ago at the beginning of the month when it was asked to attack a taxi driver in September. The bankruptcy is now valid. It is still unknown when Bendtner is attending a non-supportive penalty.

The event was held in the Danish city on the 8th to 9th September. An old Arsenal player from London or Juventus Turin returned to his beloved Philine Roepstorff from one of Copenhagen's boutiques around three o'clock in the morning. On the way home he would have to attack the taxi driver, his trout breach. Bendtner suggested that the taxi driver hit, but the words he made himself in his own defense.

"We both raised our hands, I hit it first," Bendtner told TV2. At the same time, he refused to say that the driver was also breaking. He argued, however, that he had not paid a taxi for the route because the driver did not follow.

The driver told the court that he threw a Bendtner bottle after paying his football ball. There were video recordings at the court from within the car. The taxi driver denied that the seat belt was on and was on the phone. The court gave him a fine of 3,000 crowns from Denmark (400 euros) for him, but he got rid of brutal action.

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