The appointment of David Pizarro in the U


After the 30th anniversary of the Scotiabank National Competition 2018, the booklet will activate.

David Pizarro He was a leading musician on a very unfortunate day for the University of Shile. After leaving the 0-0 with Iquique, they did not have the option to reach their final title, however, the final game of "Pek" at the National Stadium until he cried with a feeling (see here).

Blue fans' love was confirmed today, but also the leaders. Until last episode Carlos Heller did not shut up the chance to continue. counted on, but Buenos Aires's decision makes them think about other options to take advantage of his uncertain football route in the & # 39; band.

According to the information published in El Mercurio newspaper, PThe proxy may continue in the university with a regulatory position. Ronald Fuentes would not follow as a sports leader and the "Dwarf of Providence" could be a councilor on the situation "Chilenita", where Sabino Aguad now has a & # 39 ; benefit.

After completing his visit, Pizarro to Valparaíso will take a while and then go to; describing his future position. For now in the U trying to take advantage of the knowledge and, as well as consulting in & # 39; The main location (especially in the consolidation and planning), the club wants to get a voice in formal football.

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