The Arab Parliament President, Meshaal Bin Fahim Al-Salami, sponsored the Saudi Saudi Saudi Arabia campaign to establish a unit for the Arab states to overlooking the United Arab Emirates. The Red Sea and Camas Aden.


Al-Salami said in a press release that the "Red Wave 1" exercise was launched, which included seven Arab countries: "Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Yemen, Djibouti and A Somali-Scene Is there an important step in getting Red Sea and its key strategic venues.

Al-Salami praised the place of the Kingdom to take the meeting forward to the establishment of this important entity and its important work. playing in the beautiful situations that have been seen in the Arab world to increase co-operation and coordination among Arab nations and maintain security, peace and sustainability in the region and the world.

The Arab Parliament President stressed the importance of this entity from being a fundamental part in the & # 39; preserving Arab national security and as a tool for constructive cooperation between the Arab nations that connect to the " The Red Sea and Camas Aden. This is an important strategic step in protecting the territorial waters of the Arab nations, It is very important for the economy of Arab countries and international trade, with 13% of the world's exchange spent.

The Chairman of the Arab Parliament stated that the establishment of this entity would contribute to the development, investment and trade between Arab countries that are experiencing a " link to the Red Sea, and strengthen coordination among Arab nations in each area to meet the challenges facing the Arab world and open a new vision for a close Arab friendship. Arab peace, security, development and success.

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