The Arab world. Darkness is hunted and governments are open; hitting their doors


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The concepts and conditions of clarity, accountability and good governance have moved quickly into the literature of some Arab governments, perhaps in the last few years, perhaps to recognize their identity. developing before the world, or because of high pressure. Politically, at a time when legislation, policies and practices cover all regulatory people followed by the world's democratic countries that respect their people t and will.

In 2011, the US President Barack Obama launched the Open Government Partnership Initiative (OGP), initially getting a small focus from world countries. This trend is a distraction and attracts. world attractions today. How bad is the States in providing a clear and accountable view of their policies and governance.

Morocco took the lead in the campaign in April 2018 to host an international conference and event entitled "Open Government and Access to Information" on a Rabat, a few days ago, declaring the Act had been passed. Implementing the Information Right with the King Morocco conference, And it provides itself as a state committed to all the criteria that make it fit for a democratic state.

It is impossible for the world to take forward the principles of clear governments without independent media looking for the truth t

The conference, which held many world governments and lots of renowned experts, is of political and economic benefit to Morocco, who put forward its ministers in order to address the world. the transformation it has brought in a range of good governance.

As such, the Trust seeks to co-operate and promote Economic Development (OECD) the Partnership of Open Government Initiative as “a culture of governance founded on innovative policies and practices encouraged”. with the principles of transparency, accountability and participation that promote democracy and inclusive growth. ”

The Agency for Economic Co-operation and Economic Development (OECD) believes that the government's obvious campaign has come a long way as a result of public sector reforms and the civic world coming together and uniting in motion. T international promotion of this campaign. Through encouraging democracy and inclusive growth.

The Group for Co-operation and Economic Development (OECD) recognizes that the Initiative continues to rely on loose concepts based on inexperienced ways and not linked to the outcomes of national policies and national policies. strategic.

It believes that unless Government is supported by its enabling capacity, and its success depends on robust policies, a strong legal framework for the routing of, normalizing and the provision of rights, Government strategy will not be effective. and duties to both Governments and relevant parties. Financial and human resources, strategic use of digital government, and innovative public sector tools.

Only Jordan, Tunisia, and Morocco from the Arab world have joined the Transparent.Nha Governments campaign to access information, which is a requirement for union only in Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon. and Yemen.

But the deepest problem is who can the Arab countries can align with the principles of open government and three-part columns of security, accountability and participation?

How can the Arab countries most disqualify the Index of Transparency International (TI) 2018 apply the principles of transparent government partnership?

I was involved in the international Rabat on Open Government and Access to Information conference, and I discussed the role of the media in supporting this initiative, how important the information is to the media, and the media in the media to share information with the community.

This international conference coincided with the implementation of the fourth government's action plan in the framework of the government partnership initiative. There are a number of promises, perhaps the most important thing, which supports information and develops a protocol for the implementation and classification of information. In the end of 2007, it shows through practice and the use of significant changes.

The government's plan this time indicated that it is being built in partnership with civil society organizations and includes genuine commitments that are achievable and measurable, and this is recorded for Jordan.

Many of the questions and concerns have come to mind in my mind, the most important of which is that time has gone by, and that the control and control of the governments, in particular, is t the Arab world, impossible and impossible. The Government scandal is no longer being dealt with.

Lack of information to the public means that transparency, accountability and participation cannot be claimed, meaning that it is impossible for the world to take forward the principles of transparent governments without independent means.

The struggle for information and finding out the truth of the work of the media is that. There have been many professional and ethical codes of conduct which have described journalism and media as a “source of truth and truth about people” about ”. State legislation.

There is a wide range of information to discuss some of the issues and challenges facing the media in accessing information. The first difficulty is that information is often owned and managed by public authorities. use it when he wants. But it is given by Mina and extra if imposed on it.

The second is that public authorities are not fully considering that the publication of advance information is a compulsory way of fighting, fighting corruption, political engagement and even sustainable development.

Third, the problem with the network of laws is limited and highly visible. If we know that a country such as Sweden, one of the oldest and oldest democracies on the basis of each international exhibition, has allowed law to access information over three centuries ago, you can get t Can you find out why the Arab world is controlled by Despotic?

We were preparing a report on the state of media freedom in the Arabic Arab years, when lawyer and Nejad Al-Borai lawyer suggested that we were visiting many countries in the Arab world. "Black Soils" because people don't know what is happening in them. Are there documents or vetting reports that are or have been identified?

Even if we assume information expectations, conservation information, recording, investment, and redistribution systems are weak in the Arab world, with the exception of all the major information services in the world t Not at all, this is not. Before he goes.

Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco are the only Arab countries to join the Transparent Partnership Partnership;

The media that people have been familiar with for hundreds of years are nowhere near the forefront. The Sushil Media is a "hotline" sweeping the world, changing the rules of the landscape Everyone has a "media" platform to display his or her ideas and produce information. Even if they were lying down and rumors.

If the government's flagship partnership initiative is due to take effect eight years after its launch, it promises to involve insurance governments in taking a professional and genuine professional outlook, social media that inspects governments, and that t breathing breath and bringing all their shadows, he cannot stand by democracy any more and disregard corruption.

The world is celebrating the open government's partnership campaign. The question remains: Does the Arab world come to countries with light, openness or darkness, and it does not, and does not, give it to the world? only slogans and recommend democracy, and split the open and transparent partnership initiative of governments?

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