The Arab world is ill and it rises from its ashes


Former Prime Minister Fuad Siniora said that he was "the patient" in the Arabian world, saying "he did not die and he would rise from his swift," says the delay in reform is more expensive and does not; bringing the desired results. "

"The world has been making major changes, with less co-operation, clear vision of vision, loss of confidence in international centers, more chaos, and abandoning the legal rule , "he said, saying" the world is moving step by step to a new world order. The Arab department has suffered many effects in the previous year, and It is still suffering, because geo-government is a complex place in 3 continents, and this section has natural resources and the largest sources of oil, which is a backbone West.

And as the situation in the Arab world has declined, he said that "the Arabs had their least impact on confirming their heads, and that the Millions of people from Arabs had a negative impact on justice and equality with the dinners, who came to boundaries and violence,

He said "as long as there is no reform with diversity, diversity and freedom, human rights, the situation continues and the differences between continuation of these countries , and will allow opportunities for the future. "

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