The Army closed careless investigation "for wages and beautiful travel arranged by the CEO


Through a determined commitment, the Army decided to close the summary "without responsibility" prescribed by the Office of Chief Superintendent of the Republic as a result of issuing budgetary resources, which allowed pay and salaries to pay for unpaid work and reaches more than 3 billion.

According to a research by BíoBíoChile, the Mutual Aid Fund (FAM) is a type of close-up informal system that was working early in the early 1930s, where officers and NCO requested a month after a & # 39; month and when the appointment was over, they would receive a sum of money like a settlement.

The system failed, at least, and millions of installments were lost. In order to reduce the loss, General Oscar Izurieta was then resolved Return the money through travel and work contracts, which have never been done. This happened until 2016.

The investigation by the Army to the Director's Office in order to make a decision, which can confirm or revoke the actions made, which is expected to be a conviction. The conclusions reached by the Office of the Director may be considered as an offense, so the information was sent to the Center's Office Office.

The decision to close its case is without responsibility. took place in the middle of the statements made last year by chief executive Ricardo Martinez Menanteau at the Military School, where he said he had dressed from his center, the Navy and the Force the Air, a & # 39; sold arms to drug traffickers.

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