The army is conducting a ceremony in the SP to commemorate a military coup in 1964 and oppose the MPF recommendation. Dublin County Hotels


The Southern Commander (CMSE), which co-ordinates all the soldiers in the state of São Paulo, held military rankings on Thursday (28 March) in honor of 55 years of saving on 31 March. 1964.

The ceremony was held at the CMSE's headquarters, located in the South Zone of the São Paulo capital, and MPL state representatives, the Republican President's party, Jair Bolsonaro, attended Wednesday CMSE's headquarters. Wednesday.

In law, read a message of "the agenda of the day fairestly for 31st March 1964", written by the Minister for Defense, the general reserve of Fernando Azevedo e Silva. The message says "March 31, 1964, is woven in the Cold War environment, which represented the world and imported it."

  • São Paulo has 32 sites in honor of military personnel 64

The text states that, at the time, the Armed Forces, including a majority of the population and from the Brazilian papers, took that work on a permanent basis. " "order the day" by a civilian.

The service did not meet the recommendations made by the Public Prosecutor's Office (MPF) on Wednesday (27), instructing all the Army and Fleet commanders from their jobs t the situation of São Paulo.

Bolsonaro granted permission for the Monday supplies (25), with a speech by the spokesperson for the Republic of Republic, Otávio Rêgo Barros.

For the Freedom of Public Office of Citizenship, it may be on behalf of anyone that does not uphold this proposal for administrative dissatisfaction.

The Public Defender of the Union (DPU) called the Right to cancel a date.

The leader of CMSE, General Luiz Eduardo Ramos Baptista Pereira, was not speaking at the event. According to the Army press office in São Paulo, the General thanked the media presence and said he would not interview.

When asked about the removal of the proposal's suggestion, the Media Relations Office CMSE stated that he was not allowed to take any action regarding the step forward.

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