The arrest of Tomás' s arrest in a Hidden Truth scene was criticized by fans in social networks. TV and Exhibition


Tomás (Matías Oviedo) lived a special special program in the TV series Hidden facts At this time he was the prime president of a location where he was She showed her biggest attack to Rocío (Camila Hirane), who created a series of objections in social networks.

The character of Oviedo was called in much of the chapters because it was told that his son, Tomasito, was dragged by a current river after he had dropped to the car where he was in a position; travel with lawyer Leonardo (Carlos Díaz).

The truth is that the child, in fact, meets the evil Eliana Zapata (Francisca Gavilán), who should Adopting the role of a leading person if the character of Diaz dies.

But the greatest illness in the previous scene between Tomás and Rocío was known, after the most exposed person, told his lady to give him revenge her.

He created an exaggeration of the series of beliefs in social networks. Some of the fans of the production even said Oviedo's drama was "quite".

It should be noted that Twitter versions have spectators that show that the product could be extended until August 2019, although they are just truth.

Without some of the reagents about the scene.

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