The Asian boxing family of the 2018 family confirmed that it was a Hong Ngoc woman


November 21, journalists are open Labor NewspaperMr Do Hong Sanh (aged 42, living in Nhon Loc 2A, Phong Dien Town, Phong Dien District, Can Tho City), father of Hong Ngoc's boxing athlete, said: I do not know why, because I was busy busy; doing work and so I did not have to change my family, I have 3 children, including 1 son, 2 daughters. I am women instead of a male as a mythist. "

Family affirmation of Asian women's women's showcase to Asia Hongyan's move - Picture 2.

Mrs. Sanh and Ms Hien commented that her & her; their female children

To confirm what he said, Mr Sanh awarded the Ngoc birth certificate and housing records. Here is Hong Ngoc's birthday dated 27-7-2000, gender: woman. Tran Thanh Hien (age 39, Ngoc's mother) said: "At the beginning, Ngoc's long hair looks very good. A year later, when Ngoc came home, I am very unhappy to see his son because of white hair as a son. Hot cheat should be short hair short for cool, when the hair is drying fast.

Family says Hong Kong woman from 2018 Asian boxer - Picture 3.

Jade (pink T-shirt, jeans) will be photographed with a family in 2013

After joining the team, Ngoc has achieved many achievements. The house got a lot of medals, separated from Ngoc. Achievements achieved by Ngoc as appealing to the HCV Boating Box 2016, HCV Female South Korean Youth Bogs in 2017, the Asian HCV Female Boxes Competition in 2018.

Nguyen Gia Thinh, who works at the Manny Bogs Club in Can Tho, found the Ngoc talent: "In the past I supported the appointment of a Can Tho Athletics School in the Phong area. Dien to recruit children, including Ngoc.After that, at the focus for choosing schools for sporting talent, there are two Ngoc bikes of the ground bike and the boxing team. 39; I asked Ngoc to go to boxing, and I said it was a woman in Ngoc, and when she was looking for the team, her hair was long.

According to Thinh, he is a professional athlete in Ngoc, the training is extremely encouraging, so the male hormone is not higher than Jade's unusual.

Family says Hong Kong woman from 2018 is an Asian witchcraft - Picture 4.

Ngoc (red shirt) with you to use at Thomas Sports Hall

In another development, Head of Culture, Sport and Tourism Department of Can Tho City said he had forwarded telephone calls by the General Director of the Department of General Department of Sport and Corporate Training on the establishment of the Council. Central to confirming the Hong Ngoc athlete's gender and was agreed.

Family is proven as Asian boxer warrior 2018 Women's Hong Ngoc daughters - Photograph 5.

Medals, qualifications that are desirable to achieve national achievement

As has been said, over the past few days, Facebook's social network facts are too popular with the players of Can Tho to Hong Ngoc "man" for competing in a women's boxing competitions, both inside and outside the country. The end of the event, on November 19th, the National VIII Sports Festival Organizing Committee in 2018 (which will take place from November 29 to December 8, 2018) TT-DL of Tho City on the suspension of the Do Hong Ngoc female boxing team in Can Tho.

Family has shown that female woman is Asian Asian woman Hong Yuchun - Picture 6.

A woman is a birth birth certificate.

Family is proven as Asian boxing hero 2018 Women's Hong Ngoc daughters - Picture 7.

Dang Hong Ngoc (the second from the right) with his parents and his brother, a sister who was burned at her; recent airport

On November 20th, Chan Tho City's Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism has sent a letter to the Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism and the Department of General Sports and documents related to Ngoc's identity to prove that his / her wife is a female; in Ngoc.

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