The Asian media was suddenly shocked when the referee sent Vietnam's Van Toan Football


After her game, Fox Sports Asia's sports newspaper was amazed by her & her; decided to send the banner after the end of Van Toan.

"As the game went on to the last minute, the Vietnam team believed they won when the player played on the mountain, Van Toan hit Myanmar's goal. The crime is Flag flag outside the country, despite the opposition from Vietnam players

It is a controversial situation by slowly reviewing, it seems that Van Toan before it also ends with a Myanmar defender "

The Asian media suddenly became astonished when the referee sent Van Toan's love - picture 1

Van Toan's Suggestions Ngoc Linh

At the same time, the official website of the 2018 AFF Cup organizers stated that Van Toan was a special highlight of the game that had been targeted. Unfortunately, a series of situations have been reported, the AFF Cup website said:

"The guests who believed in the open goal when the game was only about 15 minutes with the extent to the end of Van Toan, but Vietnam's joy was pulled out and the home team save. "This situation allows the home team to be in a position. breathe your memory full of cruelty. "

The Asian media suddenly shocked referee referee Van Toan - picture 2

Mr Park came to the fourth referee Ngoc Linh

Thanh Quang

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