The assassins will ever return: the vision to change their course; Fala Party TV and Scenes


On Monday, the start of his new Fala Payroll tour, since the launch of the Karina (Antonia Giesen) show, seemed to be clearer. kill suicide, Feliciano began to link the heads to the death of the two friends, showed to his high degree that both worked on a secret, pornographic page that had been held so far.

Thanks to this case and the suspicion; , the detective returned to its case, which would prevent its & # 39; Fourth relatives than they were kept calm by sending them; The Chuzo died for the death of Daniela (Antonia Bosman), who never had a character confirmation of Álvaro Gómez

In the prospect of the next chapter, Benjamin, Marco, Gabriel and Raymond can come to the case of both students, as well as Trinidad, the one that was with Ignacio, who was destroyed after learning about the death of her friend Karina.

This vision, where you see everyone responsible for the death of friends, is important to know what will happen later, as Feliciano tells him something a co-worker who will change the story. "There is no doubt whatsoever the murderers are among those people", tell the inspector.

After this, vice commissioner Isabel Bustos (Javier Hernández) begins to start; Ask about everyone in the place, looking for Ignacio's attention, which opened the suspicion according to some progress they gave.

Now we have to wait for Feliciano and his team to get real problems.

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