"The assistant referee was right when he did not recognize Van Toan's goal."


Followers and webmasters protest against them; game between Vietnam and Myanmar. The destination of a man who was killed in Myanmar netting in the # 39; a 77 minute minute, after Quang Hai, but was denied that the HAGL player was away.

Speaking of this sensitive situation, Deputy Director of VFF Duong Van Hien said: "At the corner and the images that we have taken from the screen we can not make a decision that Van Toan is not by side- out when he writes.

If there is a video tape from a banner outside the arbitrator, the situation will be much clearer. At the best level of view, the referee clearly sees Van Toan when Quang Hai hit the ball. I think the assistant did the right thing when the ball was raised and he did not recognize the goal. "

The assistant of the referee was correct when he did not recognize the Van Toan aims - Picture 1.

A netizen case suggested that the assistant was wrong when she was blown outside Van Toan.

He decided that the game was right when he did not recognize Van Toan's goals, but Mr Duong Van Hien's problem has yet to be understood by the referee team to run his game:

"At the last moment, there was a situation when Van Duc hit the Myanmar challenge, but I do not understand why the violation of the opponent has been affected by Phone. 5m50 marks.

In addition, television technology did not stop the situation that Van Hau fell in the previous block, and to me. With this fragile extent, it is difficult for the referee to decide to blast 11m. It is much easier to influence or affect. In general, this matching match is OK.

According to Thai Hai

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