The Athletic and Cancer Committee does not cure medicine cannabis


The Review and Cancer Committee, a French consultative group, has not found any reason to prevent the use of cannabis with adults with poor illness that wish to benefit, even if the benefit is not This is not detailed in detail.

There is a cancer patient, which says that the consumption of this product is & # 39; Noting her to her bad pain and pain, to ask her; Committee on ethical nature or not to prohibit cannabis in a medical context.

It will compare the ban;a careless refusal"said French professor Axel Kahn, generator and honorary president of the Paris-Descartes University as chairman of the Committee on Tuesday.

Bad adverse effects have not been bad

Despite "still enough data"In relation to the therapeutic effect of cannabis, its Committee has identified whether there are rational reasons to address cannabis use with patients who say they are vacant.

"None of the arguments that could face such weariness did not appear to be able to continue to prevent it."he said.

"In particular, it could not be & # 39; indicates badly badly damaging effects to adults with poor illnesses that threaten life that wants to benefit from it.".

But it is recommended not to smoke and to welcome other spending formats.

Allow sick people without using parallel walks

According to the Committee, which has the idea available online (, this should be an opportunity for cannabis or its active materials "be led by the health authorities, to give patients the necessary warranty in terms of quality, proportions and best use of cannabis or its active materials".

The "Guidance would also allow sick people to be able to; abandon the use of parallel walks"get some and"to avoid the risk of a criminal offense to spend".

The League against Cancer is the founding of the Ethics Committee and Cancer, which was introduced in 2008 by the Health Minister at that time, Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin.

An expert committee of the ANSM Medecine Group gives its first decisions by the end of the year interested in doing the # 39; establishing medicine cannabis in France.

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