The atmosphere of investors were set up, Vn-Index but 5 points decreased


In the morning session, VN-Index only reduced 5.26 points (0.57%) to 913.76 points; HNX-Index 0.44 points (0.42%) decrease to 103.47 points and 0.36 points (0.69%) Index Register to 51.7 points. Market arability was very low with VND2000 billion worth of order.

The number of decliners was quite spectacular with 269 stocks, although there were only 153 people on. Net salesmen of VND30 billion around and # 39; marketplace in other countries, which focused specifically on VIC and AAA.

Although falling, the market is more advanced than the first. Many of the large stocks such as IDB, VRE, and HPG have evolved, which provide a more sustainable sense of owners.

In addition, many stocks such as clothing (TCM, TNG), fertilizers (DCM, DPM, BFC …) also made cash flow and increased considerably.

On the stock market, Index F1812 has risen even, saying that investors are not too difficult about market movement.


After the first summary of the minutes, the fishing money at the # 39; Found on the market from after 10m, to & # 39; help the index record to come back gradually.

At 10:20, VN-Index only appeared 4.75 points (0.52%) to 914.27 points; HNX-Index released 0.49% (0.48%) to 103.42 points.

Stock of text materials TCM, TNG, GIL drew a good cash flow and grew dramatically. Similarly, the development of their FMC, MPC, SNC, ACL marine organism …

A petroleum group was also gradually reappeared, in which PVS was delighted with its & Most when they were getting back to the level of appeal.


The unhealthy movements of the US stock market gave a terrible impact last year on their stock market in Asia. morning and Vietnam is not unique. VN-Index significantly decreases from the opening minutes and grows faster than a maximum of 10 points.

At 10 o'clock, VN-Index decreased by 11.5 points (1.25%) to 907.52 points; HNX-Index 1.02 points decrease (0.98%) to 102.89 points and decrease 0.46 points (0.88%) to 51.6 points.

The market value of a market was very low with the value of VND1 trillion. Web makers in other countries were on the three VND12 billion worth courses.

The decrease in most sectors, except for seafood (MPC, FMC, ACL …), or todhar (BFC, DPM) was slightly more active.

Petrol stock such as GAS, PVS, PVD, PVB … as well as a wide ranging market impact were also a & # 39; Negative information from world oil price makes the stronger selling weight.

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