The audios that promise to & # 39; Police sold beautiful tickets for the River Boca


The money is in place Pablo J. Bordon Almirón, a member of Federal Police who now fulfills duties in the & # 39; Communion 4, as this may be confirmed in official sources.

The arrangement started several days before the game. On 16 November at 1:30 p.m., the parents of the 50,000 pesos (25,000 per stadium) parents moved to a City Bank account in the name of the police. And they agree to give the tickets to inform the family, near a shopping center in the town of Buenos Aires.

In the audios he had access to Group:, the voice of the police can be heard in the minutes before that meeting. "Hi Braian, how are you doing?" Paul is Talk to you, from the people from Neuquén, listening to me, they gave me your number for the issue about delivering the ticket."said the police.

Two olds after that, he is worried about the presence of other police officers: "Listen to blackberry, my car is stopped in the mouth of the subway, you saw, in front of the Shell. Let's go out, I can send you the ticket through the window because there is only a group of couples here"

The police partnership in the repository industry outweigh all the wires. Buenos Aires Investigates Justice in a number of files that it would be sold for the Superfinal, but had no idea of ​​policing, may notify Group:

Where did the police sell tickets? "Tell me he was going to Boca's cleaning room and was with the players", counted yesterday Marcela Godoy, mother of the young T.

It was harassed because it was a scam; there. When the teenager, one of the River, and his two dads came to the Monumental door They stopped at their windmill and said it was `#; trout; in the tickets.

Carer's B & B; boy told the dealer, surprised him and asked to give his phone to anyone who was "looked after". The police officer raised the phone and heard saying: "No, how do you ask me that, you can not"

Bordon Almirón asked, the police sold the tickets, a time to solve the problem. At that time just started to get rare gas effects. The boy gave the boy a hand and ran away.

On that day, the youngsters tried to get their money back. The police came to promise that he was going to go. Want to borrow for money. Yesterday, they made the final decision to make a complaint in the city of Neuquén.

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