The author on Dano Drevo PPPiter's video on malaria and live poisoning


It is also a "youtuber" on PPPiter, is 25 years old, is Slovakian; and he lives in the Czech Republic. He performs his vlogs and videos in English, there are over 64,000 subscribers. Its name is "Slovakia"; Most popular video seen by over 300,000 people. It started logging in in 2007, when phrewriting Harry Potter and the famous video creation Dano Drevo. But now he comes with a book about the subject – where I died everywhere.

"Countries that are unfamiliar or unfamiliar with ever – Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Gabon, Malawi," PPPiter said. The book he wrote about his travels – experiences throughout Africa, North America and South, and Asia. The title of the book shows that it is a tragicomic; because it does not mean it is completely depressing or hopeful. "Sometimes I really enjoyed life, for example, when I was a malaria, trying to attract the book, because humor was really helpful, so The book is very calm, people who mourn more smile than the drama " explained by the author.

The book "Where in every place where I die (not) "it's not a conversation but a collection of attractive stories. He was malaria, who had been poisoned about 20 times, ended in an unexpected position on his strong bank. Even those PPP experiences can be found in his stories. "There are situations when I'm not really sorry, but it's really good if I did not travel," he said. After Afrika traveled with her lover, although it would appear that a white woman in Africa could be a problem, he was most concerned.

"They do not like to play a movie, they're being taken for crime, I've been imprisoned, I have done my hands and They've been fired by a machine gun but my heart was in Argentina, with her lover she got poor poisoning, " said the next thing you call yourself.

If you're wondering why the politician will go to the world despite the unpleasant experience, you will find the answer at the end of the book.

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