The Awards Awards 2018: the best values ​​and the most important statements


The Game Awards are usually the same as the Oscars for video game business, but the largest names in interactive entertainment did not know good marketing opportunity. So, The Game Awards has become a highly dispersed event, with new recordings, game calls, and other wonders embedded between the nightclub's prize slate.

The year was not different, and The Awards Awards was home to some of the big news from Fortunately create Epic Games, Ubisoft, and a group of indie developers. If you can not watch it alive, this is the biggest news from the show:

Image: Simogo

Simogo names Sayonara Wild Hearts for the Nintendo Switch

Simogo, the Swedish studio behind the cult will happen Device 6 and Sailor's Dream, making a brilliant new game called Sayonara Wild Hearts, has been confirmed that it was coming out for the next year's Nintendo Switch. It is defined as "a dream of a funny music video, being a bicycle riding, a playboard, a fighting dancing, laser shooting, crisp swords and a broken heart at 200mph." That is very promising.

Image: Epic Games

Epic launches her Steam competition

Epic made a great deal of esteem this year when he stated that he would open a digital source for PC and Mac games to compete with Valve & Steam. Just two days later, that source is now alive, with an incredible campaign at the Game Awards with a slate of indie high quality subtitles, including Annapurna Interactive and A44 Rivers, old scenes like Super Meat Boy, and more recent titles like Darksiders 3.


Image: Annapurna Interactive

Ashen is now for Xbox One and PC

Ashen has been over four years, and was first announced as an Xbox co-operation completely in 2014. The adventure game is exhaustive, which looks to be inspired by Dark Waves and Ico team classes, from an A45 developer and published by the Annapurna game development arm. It's now out with amazing insights on both games Xbox One and Epic games.

Image: that company

Trip to make a & # 39; His first CD on the Epic store

News Trip he became the classic indie units when it was released on PlayStation 3 in 2012. A reflective statement was made; a spectacular game, insight, and an innovative multi-game element played by friends with silent strangers, anonymously on the internet making it a very extraordinary experience game that had never been seen before. Previously, the PlayStation has been unique, not only for PlayStation 4 in the years since then. Now, it will be available on PC for the first time through the new Epic store sometime the next year.

The latest title is in Supergiant Games Hades

Supergiant Giant became a supporter with his isometric, an action role game Bastion, which became a major stage of the Xbox 360 age of indie games when it came out in 2011. Since then, Supergiant allowed the game to be cyberpunk Transistor, and later he moved garrisons with an amazing and fascinating fantasies that hit a basketball called PyreSouth Westerly

Now, its company appears to have a & # 39; go back to its roots. We call it the new game Hades, and it seems you're fighting on your way through the real world Transistor style. The game is now available on an early entry from the Epic game store for $ 19.99.

Image: Ubisoft

The next one Far Cry It is a post-apocalyptic game Far Cry 5

One of the high quality distributors to airfields through the Games Awards officially took off the initiatives Far Cry: New Night, The next install at Ubisoft in the open world series. Situated of events Far Cry 5, in which Joseph's Sexual Offense Offsetting a nuclear bomb, Dawn Ùr Looking at a great change in tone and style. It's the good news that the game comes to a short time – is it a? Come out on 15 February for $ 39.99 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Nintendo gets beautiful with The Black Order

It is a new title in the # 39; Switch's first special investment Ninja Gaiden and Nioh Team Ninja developer added Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black OrderThis is a platform development mix that did not see M in 2010spread, and Deadly owners should have changed dramatically.

The latest Obisdian game is known as it The Outdoors World

Obsidian Entertainment's RPG Legends have a new game that comes out The Outdoors World shows interchangeable travel and all kinds of sci-fi technology. Having become a force in the series through Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, The Distribution, and Colbhan of Eternity, Obsidian has been a conductor of the traditional RPG flame for years now. Now, it seems The Outdoors World the new boundaries for the studio.

Creators Sky Sky is not There will be a new game called The Last Campfire

The Hello Games developer has been working hard to turn on Sky Sky is not into one of the most advanced and most extensive research games ever done. But with him Icon for Last, Hello and studio director Sean Murray are taking a more stimulating and careful way of working, inspired by a short short Pixar.

Mortal Kombat 11 named

Mortal Kombat is on the way, and he looks just as beautifully and it was ever. Unfortunately, that's about what we know Mortal Kombat 11, which was premiered at its awards ceremony. But it should not be long before we get out: the game is being launched on April 23, with an appropriate event published on January 17.

New Dragon Age on the way

After you watch a story trailer for Anthem, BioWare made sure fans know that its amazing career series is also alive. The developer showed the most detailed of heaters for the next one Dragon Age; So short, indeed, we do not even know the right title or when it comes to.


Fortunately to highlight creative players on The Block

He is not satisfied with launching a new season and creative mode, Fortunately Epic also develops on a game changing game at The Game Awards. Rocks were dangerous to go away, a new place called The Block, which will emphasize some of the best things that players play. do.

Joker looks cool … in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo showed its first downloadable character Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it's a big surprise: Joker from Person 5The West The game is not even available on the Nintendo platform, but said that the joker is skeletal and beautiful like fun entertainment to the line. Anyway he comes with great music.

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