The awful reason after a Big event dies – and it's not good for us


Scientists believe they have been able to prove the dominoes that fall to their; biggest damage in Earth and worrying that climate change is caused by humans; placing a planet on a very similar route.

About 250 million years ago, around 90 per cent of marine life and 70 per cent of earthlife were extinct in today's life as it was. Death.

Scientists have been thinking that the volume of volcanic causes the event was variable, but as it was working it was a bit bad.

Sick water from oxygen caused the massacre to die, especially beyond the middle belt. Picture / 123RF
Sick water from oxygen caused the massacre to die, especially beyond the middle belt. Picture / 123RF

This is not the word itself. There was a new study in the Journal of the Journal of Thursday that used complex computing symbols to do what happened after the volcano was pulled: it gave the ocean temperature up to about 11km Celsius, which was then without a & # 39; laments oxygen seawater.

The hot water from the oxygen caused the massacre to die, especially beyond the middle belt.

After chopping the volcanoes, the heat rate of carbon dioxide was absorbed up to 12 times more than today, the director author, Justin Penn, said Earth Sciences Investigation at Washington University.

Water will lose oxygen when it comes to; tired, as it looks like a collar of a collar flat, Mr Penn said.

Scientists have shown a number of modern genres to see what happens in warmer water with oxygen and help them to understand how they were extinct.

One of the keys in the investigation is that more species have grown off the middle zone. This is because tropical species are more limited to low levels of inflation, Mr Penn said.

Although people do not Earth warm up the place near to # 39; happening naturally for 250 million years ago, "this is going to come into the sector of campaigners for a catastrophe," said co-author Curtis Deutsch, Earth Scientist at the University Washington.

The old person who dies "shows almost exactly what we are at the end of the road," said Mr Deutsch. "We always do the same to the Earth's climate and seas."

The study counts, if carbon dioxide emissions are kept with heat; Following the current levels, by the year 2300, the shape of 35 and 50 per cent of the detection rate shown in the Great Death.

Paul Wignall, Leeds expert geologist, said that the current global warming situation does not exist; Showing 20 degrees of warmth in the coming centuries, so it may have been years away.

However, even 10 per cent event would be so bad for the "Great Death" frightening, "said Wignall, who was not part of the study.

Other outside scientists commented that the study provides a scary vision of the future.

"Because we have Earth warming at an early stage, results from this study may be invaluable to understand" what's going on? Happening to life in the future seas, University of Southern California, David Bottjer's scientist said in an email.

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