The baby who got an award! Mirko the Martín Fierro Digital de Oro won


This Monday night was the second delivery of the awards that were made; waiting for a long time Martín Fierro Digital 2018 organized by APTRA, in charge of the new president of Luis Ventura. A lock was held at Alsina Palace and was run by Sol Pérez and Nicolás Occhiato. In those awards that are being held for the second year in a series, social networking stars and online media are recognized.

There was a lot of expectations on what would be done; happening in this special evening, since today's networks are the platforms for socialization, interaction and the opportunity for much to increase. In the case of celebrities, to show their everyday life, their work, and what they look like in their free time, beyond normal media such as television, radio or media show.

In the 26 chosen slaves, they tried to encourage more enjoyable people this year. and those projects that allow us to better serve some of their lives, as it has been developed for some towns.

When it was time to find out who was involved Martín Fierro Digital de Oro, Alsina Palace was completely in a quiet, and the luxury drivers decided to say in one opinion that the winner was less than …MirkoSouth Westerly

So, with just one year to stay, son of her poet Marley, who He also won the group King of the King, influencing José María Listorti and Kevsho, he won the highest prize of the night and delighted everyone with his beauty. Already sleeping in his father's arm, the child can not think of what has just been achieved, but above everything, the future of his father; Wait for it if it remains the heart of Argentina.

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