The BAFTA award for the Roma Film Best Film Award –


Cuarón thanked the company to fill Netflix to support the filming of this image, which is not in English. Drama has changed four nominations from seven altogether.

Olivia Colman won the prize for her best actor as the main character of Favoritka's drama drama comedy. She has won a number of awards already for her performance in this film, such as the Golden Globe recently.

Rami Malek received a prestigious Freddie Golden Globe Award.

Rami Malek received a BAFTA award for Freddie.


The Best Men Actaire Award won by Rami Malek for the performance of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. A man said he was extremely fond of being given for this actor. AP noted that the film's trip, which became subordinate and won prize-winning prizes, was difficult due to difficulties and tough criticism.

The award, with 12 BAFTA nominees, was awarded the Best British Film, Best Screen Screen or Best Actor in Guidelines.

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