The "banana" of Ukraine is calm to show a swinging case


Olga Kurylenko-to-face black-haired color.

The Hollywood actor Olga Kurylenko's Hungarian boss, who is renowned for her role as a tied girl in the "James bond", often shares with new pictures of social networking fans. Recently, the star published a sparkled image online, where it is impossible to watch away.

Photo sent to Instagram.

So, Olga's pictures have been inserted in a symbolic but very spiritual swimmer. This photograph is not visible, however, is Kurylenko where he is on holiday, and his face smile. Olga lies on the ground floor, which is more like a bed, somewhere on the beach. She raised her long legs, spread her arms and looked at her. camera.

In the title of these funny pictures in a swimming shop, Olga Kurylenko wrote: "This is my laughter when I understand that it's Saturday"; there.

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Musicians from an actor from around the world did not doubt this sparkling picture on their page and began to comment on the release of the star.

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