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Today many mobile phone numbers are actively and varied actively in different service platforms, but it is not easy to get out of their boat on board, and it is not easy to let's go, especially when they are meet bank cards. Recently, some web browsers have shown the problem of unconnected bank cards and changing the number of mobile phones. The Ministry of Business and Information Technology, Bank of Scotland, China, Management and Administration Commission with State Holdings, and the Chinese Insurance Administration Commission have been responding to the moment.

For example, Sichuan Luzhou posted "Na Shan Na Shui" online,Details of previous bank items with the mobile phone number; Previously, very badly, but the bank must give a paper certificate about mobile phone number:

The mobile phone number always receives the SMS message from the Owner's Agricultural Bank, and is uncomfortable. I went to her & # 39; bank to ask me to have my mobile phone number and bank account to let the first householder, so I do not have to send the information to my mobile phone.

It was a very simple thing. The Agricultural Bank receives the registered mobile banking with mobile phone number. The banking online can get a number of ID number and bank account, so that you can get the bank's bank information and the bank account number secure in the bank, and the bank can contact. The owner asked her ABC charter to be distributed.

However, the bank likes to confirm that this mobile phone number is mine, and I need to print a paper confirmation. I can not see it on the mobile phone app. I need to have a paper certification. In the time when the information network is so busy today, it is still a small problem for dealing with so small business. It's common people!

Can this type of thing be improved? Is it possible to change? It is clear that the problem that the head of the mobile phone has preceded me, but I have to prove. Can not just call the next owner? Apart from that, it's not the place where I am currently living, and the business hall can not make paper supplies!

Another example is Wumen Mountain in Wuhan, Hubei.I want to release the number of other mobile phones and find a person who does not feel about it:

My mobile phone number is in my job, and it has been a problem for me recently. As the owner has not changed the original number of mobile phone number in software and bank, that is the current number I currently use. So, some of my recent mobile phones or text messaging or mobile phones have recently hit my mobile phone

I subsequently served telecommunication users service and learned that they also worked in accordance with standardized modes, such as unnecessary mobile phone numbers, which can not be blocked, as this is & # 39; including consumer privacy.

So, this case has turned into me. I found that this problem belongs to an area that can not be directed by anyone except the user. I'm worried about how to do it; solve problems like that.

Another example is the "Kitten" netizen in Qingdao, Shandong.Change the mobile phone number of the bank card, and also go to the business hall to personalize yourself:

Nowadays, many banks do not support to go to; uninstall mobile phone numbers on the internet. In many cases, bank cards need to be linked to the number of new mobile phones, and it is often difficult to go to their bank to wait online. So, I hope that the state can solve the problem that is inconvenient and change the number of mobile phones under the bank card.

For the problem that the numbers of a mobile phone network and bank cards can not be discharged by networks, the Business Ministry and Information Technology today designate the official response of the four divisions, which promotes the solution together:

Business Ministry and Information Technology:

Based on strengthening the number of cycling network code numbers and its # 39; strengthening contact with telecommunication telecommunications services, it will promote telecommunications and banking initiatives with the Banking Administration Commission, strengthen collaboration, and, co-ordinate the unnecessary problems associated with secondary sales of mobile phone numbers, and setting up solutions for bank cards. Long-term device for connecting mobile phone numbers.

Bank of the People:

It will put forward a Business Ministry and Information Technology or communications staff and financial management authorities and commercial banks to establish a genuine information verification tool for mobile phone numbers, to encourage commercial banks to develop more internet routines encouraging to open up mobile phone numbers, enhance visibility, and improve the number of mobile phones. require trading banks to achieve the sole legal person. The number of mobile phones and changes between different locations must tell their commercial bank to the financial user and tell the five parties of the non-related procedures.


China Telecom Guidelines, China Unicom and Mobile China to explore problems and deficiencies in depth, and propose that communication communications communications channels will be developed, and the study of pro-business methods and platforms.

Banking Regulation Commission:

It will impose commercial banks to strengthen information incentives, encouraging bank cards and mobile phone numbers to consumers and commercial bank management to strengthen more financial knowledge and transparency, and to improve consumer safety awareness and risk prevention capabilities.


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