The basic rhythm – Le Rosa Montero


The Greeks thought music was an ingenious encouragement of mathematics; According to Pythagoras, the Sun, Moon and other planets were circulated around the Earth consistently, and the distance between the celestial groups in line with the music times: It's great music in these areas. In medieval times, music is one of the quadrivium arts, combined with numerical, geometry and refrigeration; that is, it was part of the sciences. And still in the sixteenth century, a woman who made the name Zarlino said: "Music is dealing with noise numbers". So yesterday, this art was considered an integral part of the world, tight knowledge and life priority. But after that, a society has been growing on & # 39; The use of music and technology, not the scientific knowledge, the solution to music (and the arts, as a whole) to a more accessible, more orderly, more spectacular place to creating such a so-called "environmental music", sound contamination that will be a get into ears in elevators, waiting rooms or sources, and that seems to be based on a number of searches, promoting special psychological responses: to buy, say, or write. Encourage you in months of writing; feeling like the dentist, although a friend, writer Miguel-Anxo Murado, often says, every time he listens to the amazing and foolish campaigns that he has, pronunciation on the airports, for example, the guys are at the point, because they are shows a particular risk.

For me, something is crucial, like reading. Not known & b; I can live without both. However, individuals who are hindering this art, are brilliant and unbelievable. The most famous writer Vladimir Nabokov, one of my literary masters. In the beautiful life book, Speak, he states: "Music, I'm sorry to say, which affects me just as a consequence of lesser or lesser sounds". It continues to & # 39; Warning for several other phrases with his proverbial auction, a & # 39; Introducing that the entire humanity that causes the error is to go to # 39; continue to enjoy that tough sound. Nabokov bochd: and perhaps from that came his unstable character, from that brutal lack, from that ability. As you want to love music, if all of our work is linked to the premature blood sequence.

I already say, I really enjoy it, when I listen to music, I can not do other things (except walking or driving), since I & # 39; focus too much on it. In fact, I can not write. Clara Sánchez's novelist tells me that she would work before listening to her favorite records. "But I stopped doing it because I found out that I was thinking I had interesting and amazing pages, when I added them again the next day without sound , I thought they were really bad. " Give a good and wise idea: music is a drug, it's a? Attacking us and giving us hypnotizes. It will guide us, for better and worse, to a parallel parallel position: it is the military music that is there; removing a generation of young people laughing their lips; It is the romantic music that makes you believe that you are in love, from which it can be adversely affected; it's not the melancholic music that will put you under the bed and begin to cry for three days. And, music can be used, but it also has an amazing impact to make us make bigger and better than we are. Pythagoras was correct: these sublime sounds are interconnected with their pixels and, rescues from our poor weakness. How many times do I feel when I find a life long while & # 39; I was listening to a particularly emotional trip. And many scenes from my novels come from the luminous knots that I encountered when they were at a concert. Music is something like that, especially human, in short, that everything we have is what we are: beauty, violence, serenity, joy, pain, feelings. The final heart beat will be with our last time.

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