The battle between Vinasun and Grab will come to an end?


– –On November 22, the Ho Chi Minh City Court opened a lawsuit (5th) to handle damage outside of her & her; charter between Vinasun and Vietnam GrabTaxi.

Vinaun wants Grab

Grab dha Vinasun was given money over 41 billion

There are four court courts, two perceptions, but the debate between the complainant and the defendant is outside the agreement between the defendant of the Vietnamese Sunshine Association (Vinasun) Stock Company and the defendant is GrabTaxi Vietnam Co., Ltd. so far. they have not come to an end.

Looking forward to the end of the case

On November 22, the People's Court in Ho Chi Minh City will restart the lawsuit. Can this test come to an end?

According to a lawsuit that was recorded by Vinasun, during the past, Grab has competitors of unfair competition, craft promotion, vision … the impact and destruction of traditional taxis such as Vinasun.

Vinasun said this is not true with the situation that the advancement must be recorded in advance by the Business and Commercial Department, which is not progressed beyond 90 days / year, a program not exceeding 40 day.

The battle between Vinasun and Grab will come to an end?
Producer of Vinasun and Grab at the test in late October

Vinasun provides texture, images and more than 20 videos for the court to make an illegal business in Vietnam.

This unit will require the defendant to defend the business under the fair competition law.

Vinasun, in his test at the end of October, confirmed that Grab was to break a Ministry's scheme; Transport No. 24, a service delivery service registration, but made a business in taxi transport, a major driver hire. damage to this unit.

In addition, Vinasun was also a "main" Award with the Ho Chi Minh Home Charges decision of 2.9 billion fines. Opposition to & # 39; This cost, a Grab representative confirmed by the HCMC Taxation Department, has not been charged with taxes by the authorities. Raising issues that the business side has to fulfill all tax obligations by law.

Grab also said that it is a technology company in Grab which is a " connect trucking companies with drivers and passengers. It is a decision in the decision to open 24 companies that will provide technology to connect in a particular business. Vinasun is also involved in Project 24 and is fairly fair. A company has never been connected to another company when its technology failed.

"If a breach is carried, authorities can deal, but so far we have not dealt with it," said Jerry Lim, a representative of Grab.

Birth of "bumpy" due to waiting … damaging

Regarding the amount of damage reported to Vinasun, Grab's representative stated that Chuu Long's assessment qualification has many difficulties.

After half a month of a trial month and a long time, as was expected on the 29th of October, the panel will be placed on the Panel. However, then the Panel returned to the quiz section to clarify the damage of the solicitor.

According to Vinasun, since the Grab entered the market together with a preliminary and legal breakdown, Vinasun passengers left and the drivers returned. Although a taxi business proves the number of cars and its; price. Situation of Vinasun, based on the inspection report. Previously, Vinasun's growth rate had two divisions, by 2015 only 5% and then gradually reduced.

In terms of damaging, Vinasun's representative stated that the Cuu Long Inspection Company was based on 3 types of costs: depreciation (non-operating vehicles), bank loans, fixed loans (certification, other expenses).

On Ghrab, the number of workers from Vinasun's work grew up, and The first time around 8,000 people but then up to 12,000 people. According to Vinasun, before the campaign is encouraged, the driver is hired in a format to grab his prize, as well as Vinasun drivers to be able to; away, asking the car to be found on loan Grab. In fact, Vinasun is a big deal …

Before the arguments from Vinasun, the Panel found that the damage assessment in this area is very difficult and that the unit does not investigate in court.

After discussion, the Panel will terminate its decision on the # 39; a lawsuit to confirm, and a collection of additional documents related to Vinasun's Valuation assessment, so proof of case.

Department of particular Vinasun Grab: Commitment to call the Ministry of Transport "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Department of the Vinasun case: a & # 39; recommends that the Ministry of Transport proceed

Before Vinaun's "prosecution" starts to Prose 24, and # 39; trade law breach, Labor Law, E-commerce, Taxes … A representative Grab a Ministerial Prosecutor; Transport to the face.

Hundreds of Vinasun drivers still have to go to; Grab Solicitor "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Hundreds of Vinasun drivers still have a lawsuit against Grab

It can be found that Pròiseact 24 is a plan open, a company has never been connected to another company simply because it did not implement the technology.

Hundreds of Vinasun drivers are attracted to Grab "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Drives were brought to hundreds of Vinasun to the legal campaign of Grab

In the morning, hundreds of Vinasun drivers turned into court. The first hearing was not heard about the riot between Vinasun and Grab without delay.

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