The battle goes between Trump and its democratic


The Democrats House put their search engines into the best search found on the Trump Geal House to date, which show that the special survey does not have a specialty. Advice is one of President's concerns.

The administration and its supporters clearly indicated that they will do everything; It is possible to resist democratic disciplinary attempts, in a way that declares the constitutional infrastructure designed to keep the active branch counted.

At the State address in the Union of Union, at the same time, Trump sent out the most clear subject plan for its re-election appeal. The President stated that "tremendous" economics were going on and mixed migration arrangements on immigration with claims that Democrats had to do; marching away to socialism.

And Democrats says this week says that a President under a legal and political siege can be vulnerable next year, despite its complex style.

The most difficult development for Trump emerged with the expansion of an Investigation House of Foreign Affairs research, which means Robert Mueller's special advice will ending the problem of Russia's situation.

House House Convener, Adam Schiff, said he would also see whether there is a business connection between Trump and Saudi Arabia or any other country; Creating a reduction over foreign administration policy.

The move has a further set of problems for a President who sees his campaign, & # 39; start, move, & # 39; president and expiration of business work under civil, political and convicted surveys.

Trump does not enjoy the new Washington

It was clear rapidly during the week that the headteacher did not have a chief chief, who had no knowledge of his / her greatness; The Republicans left on both sides of Capitol Hill, which enjoyed it; His first taste of the new Democrats– –directed.

Trump asked that Schiff moved to be painted as the "amazing, party" inquiries that he issued in the Union State address on Tuesday. He stated in a tweet that Democrat California was "defended by" all aspects of my life, both financially and personally, although there is no reason to do so … Non-Endless Presidential Conflict. "

Another Republican begins to & # 39; accepting the line that the Democrats are encouraged by fulfilling its constitutional obligations to keep track of account rather than by doing so; supporting the President.

His chief Republican Committee on the House of the Magistrates, Producer Doug Collins of Georgia, told the current Attorney General Matt Whitaker on Friday. It was just a pen in a Democratic circus as it showed to go to # 39; give evidence.

"No, we want to destroy the President. We want to talk about your private conversations," said Collins, rewriting what he said in the Democratic strategy.

"I think we might have to set up a popcorn tool in the back, because that is what it is going to grow. It's becoming a show," Collins said.

At a fish audience, Whitaker has confirmed that he did not talk about Mueller to Trump

Whitaker appeared to have appeared until Thursday after Democrats voted for Judicial Judge Committee Jerrold Nadler, D-New York, to inform Whitaker if he did not answer questions or did not appear. It has not been defended by a lawsuit but when Nadler said he would not give her a mistake; proportion to Whitaker on Friday.

But look at her & # 39; deep animation between the Democratic Regime and its active branch, threatened that Whitaker would return to the committee for a closed door deposit – although Whitaker appears to be out of work within days, with William Barr who is expected to be established as a general advocate of the next week.

The current applicant's performance revealed to show how to apply; It could not be in the face of control in the & # 39; active branch.

Whitaker often looked like he was in a position; Play for a President who will scrutinize his practitioners on television, instead of being able to do so; try to answer questions. At one time, in a message from the rare evidence he had previously seen, he reminded Nadler that his time for questions had come to an end – and his / her impact on his / her degree; powerful chairman, who made laughter of his case.

Despite being & # 39; Moving from Democrats on the panel, Whitaker refused to say that Trump's favorite phrase is not "the witch of a witch", although he did not stop the special councils.

In another study of Democratic surveys House on Trump, another committee started trying to take it on; President to show her tax back, after he has been able to appear, destroying heritage in the 2016 campaign by trying to do so.

Mike Waltz, Republican of Florida's representative, complained about CNN that the confirmation was a sign of "silent reviews on President".

But the Chairman of the Conservative and Treasures Sub-Committee of John Lewis of Georgia said that there was a sense of mission on Democrats.

"We need to do the right thing. We will be asked to do the right thing, it was selected, we were elected," said Lewis.

Democratic representative Tom Suozzi from New York told Cnoc Erica CNN that Democrats had to walk a "very beautiful line" between a real and consistent perspective.

"You're on the right side," said Suozzi.

"You can not go on here and you are paying attention to your supervisory duties. And you can not go abroad here and you are politically active and you are Following his President because he is from another party. "

In Washington, the focus is on the humorous promises to go on.

2020 fought to heat up

Outside their capital, Democratic activists Looking forward to what they hope in the future is different, because their party and party leadership advocates have a & n; make the most intense campaign this weekend of their original decision to date.

Sen. Cory Booker from New Jersey in Iowa on Friday, while his cousin Kirsten Gilibrand from New York was going to South Carolina. South Bend, Indiana, Peter Pete Buttigieg was also in Iowa, and the Ohio Sheriff Brown, who runs on, goes to New Hampshire's state of affairs in & # 39 ; first country.

The Rev. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts hopes to save a new conflict over her Indigenous American patriot legacy when she officially starts her campaign in his home state Saturday.

On Sunday, in Minneapolis, the democratic range full of other campaigners could be agreed with the Old Amy Klobuchar for its aims from its home state.

Whatever the file is, Trump is a & # 39; wait already.

The union of the Union State was in response to a political moment when he was besieging in many respects – not only do they cross his border wall and government funding before the next Friday .

But it was also a positive statement of the 2020 enterprise strategy.

The President said the re-election race, like its 2016 strategy, would be rooted in a waulking account over immigration that aimed at its base.

"There is no better case to show the division between a working class and a American political class of illegal immigrants," Trump said in the appeal to voters; blue grouse in the south and an intermediate business.

The President stated that he would have combined his populist reusk with an advocate that he put off the most spectacular economic revival in the decades.

"Our economy is vibrant, and our economy is successful as never before," he said in the lecture, which also sought to play a democratic position like a " Going to the left: "Today, we will revive our solution that America will never be a socialist country."

The President of Democrats' assault for "socialism" was a sign that the GOP can take on government programs on climate change, higher education and healthcare, recommended by high stars such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York, to try to scare state voters.

Media pages and Conservative views were full this week of criteria on the New Green Agreement with Ocasio-Cortez, which required a fundamental economic reconstruction to eliminate fossil fuels.

In the Union State speech, Trump was also careful to take care of another joint division of the 2016 evangelist electors, on another issue that the GOP intended to use & # 39; Delivering democrats like marching away from the American general.

He agreed to New York Democrats to abolish state legislation that allowed "a child to be split inside his mother's months before he was born."

He was referring to a new law that is a reduce constraints on end-of-the-day disorders if there is a woman life or health at risk.

The Union State was a new sign that Trump would be reverted to the White House similar to the unlocked in 2016, case that was believed to not be done.

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