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After two days of mediation, the North-West Area Government and the Northern Constabulary of Staff have not received a confirmation agreement – but there will be no strike on Monday.

Both parties have agreed to proposals linked to the interim Vince Ready, and the agreement of that agreement is that the union members are not liable.

Earlier this week, the UNW stated that members would be on Monday if there was no agreement through this weekend's mid-term mid-agency operation – which would affect around 4,000 united workers, from school keepers to policy reviews.

But an expert says there are "linking tips," from intermediaries; and what the parties have agreed to be binding arrangements.

Kenneth Thornicroft, a professor of law and employment relationships at the University of Victoria, said the process is usually one of two ways.

Kenneth Thornicroft is a lawyer professor and employment relationships at the Victoria University Business School at Gustavson. (Submitted by Kenneth Thornicroft)

The first is the union and the colonial government that will; Submit a suggestion that would include their offers on the issues that would include; went to Ready.

Then, Ready would choose one of the recommendations on the other.

Thornicroft said the second option is that each party will submit a tender for all remaining cases. Ready would then go through and choose one of the offers for each case. He said that would create "bilingual" proposals. "

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He organized a "black middle" as long as he will go. preparing its recommendations, according to the press release. As a result, the territorial government says that it will not give rise to any questions related to the process. The CIC has reached a number of members of the union's work but have not heard it back.

Ready said the parties had "made a great deal of progress" in the two days of mediation, according to a press release from the government and the UNW. But the statement also said that there are some outstanding issues, including "economic growth, agreement terms, and security of work."

In Sunday's announcement, the union stated that he was calling on the strike campaign planned for Monday morning as part of the interim process. As with the connecting process, Thornicroft is a & # 39; Believe that the process has been agreed that the right parties of the union will take away strike.

"It's not a case if you do not like the decision of the migrants that you can turn or crash or lock. This is up to with the right to strike and lock. So you correctly obey your rights in those comments, "he said.

It is still still visible at least if the membership of the union or territorial government needs to vote by final agreement, with Ready recommendations.

On Sunday's release, Ready said he could take his proposals up to 30 days to get together.

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