The BCRA gave a warning that it will add additional gratitude to the & # 39; market


The Mid Bank warned Monday that it would include additional additional budget from the financial market, although it did not see major problems due to the increase in the dollar in the last two days.

The sources of the Guido Sandleris entity also contain a & # 39; stressed that the "Medium Bank" will not continue to monitor the cash market in order to include the inclusion of any diversity which may be there. "

However, they have indicated that their market is calm and has been reflected in the overall quality renewal of Leliq, with no changes in the average cut down by 61.23 per cent.

In addition, the BCRA reported the situation of foreign exchange market during October, when companies in the realm sector had a " sold a foreigner soldier for around US $ 1,400 million.

Within this group, the main department with historical nets, "Oil and lingerie jewelery", had a net sale of US $ 1,300 million, with a 21 percent year-on-year depreciation , & # 39; probably created by the thirsty that affected the main crops in the autumn of this year.

The difference with a net purchase of US $ 2,200 million in October 2017 is predominantly explained by the export sewing in the last few months.

In addition, the "Human beings", who want to protect foreigner money for travel and travel abroad, have purchased a $ 900 million million net network, ranging from the flexibility of the Exchange Regulations in December 2015 and Less than half October 2017

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