The beginning of the Spanish Empire looks!


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<p>Manchester City's last league match ended in a 16 minute shot after losing the game to Mike Shawlake. In the finals, three English clubs have so far taken place</p>
<p>The end of the kings from Spain. Understanding English rule! He was ten years ago in the Champions League, which started to rule Spain – Pep Guardiola!</p>
<p>The board of last night in Etihad knows everyone. Many people can say, so say 7 visits! It's not just a play, but a fun? Manchester City fans take a look at them. The shawl is not a club. German football will be in the top row with their name. Gardellar town put seven goals in the shawl net in the net nets with the number of times. In the last two games, the team won 10-2. But England's fans will be happier than the Golotsbe, coach words. Guardiola sees the finish of Spanish clubs for the last decade in Europe.</p>
<p>It is interesting, in the last decade, that the present Guardiola hand began with Spanish rule. Guediola of Barcelona Eurosporters in 2009 joined Messi-Javi-Iniesta who touched him. Real Madrid (4 hours) and Barcelona (3 hours) were sharing the titles seven times as they considered the ten league seasons they promoted. In the other three seasons, English (Chelsea), German (Bayern Munich) and Italian (Inter Milan) football have appeared. But this time the situation is very different. There are no six teams from Spain yet. Much like the same Barcelona representative, Bersham is still hoping to get it to a close. The Arnesto Valverders can't say anything after they first made their first visit by French club Lyon.</p>
<p>Meanwhile, Manchester United, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are the representatives of the three clubs, which are part of the last of the six teams. The list can also be forwarded to Liverpool. At the first step, Bayern Munich must pass through the draw and the German club will have to overcome the obstacle with the team Yurgene Clap. Whether Liverpool can come up in its last round or not, it will be known at the time. For the first time since 2011, the last three places have confirmed the three lowest venues in the English clubs. Guardiola is happy at sea The city's coach proved just as important in the professional world as Spanish, "It's a good thing for English football coming from three teams in the finals. Liverpool may be out in the last ten years and there are blues about everything in the area – it's good for us (as a home coach) to play an amazing football.  T ;</p>
<p>In the League of Champions, the last five titles were held in Spanish clubs. What is the English version of it? Guardiola never said anything about this. His team talk about the range! Town won its first 3-2 leg in the Shalkar area. And yesterday the German club left a type. Self-supporters of Fèisgoil did not expect much. In the 35 minute minute, Gabriel Jesús, which Sergio Aguero won in the 35th minute, is that in the 50 minutes of the game the Guardiola team scored average scores every seven minutes per minute. Aguero has visited two visits. An exclusive visit with Lauren Sain, Rahim Sterling, Bernardo Silva, Phil Faden and Gabriel Jesús.</p>
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