The beginning of today's skiing is lower, with four Slovakians in the race too


As the first one of us, it will be online Klemen Kosi with a start of 20, Miha Hrobat, Boštjan Kline 35 and Štefan Hadalin have a number 32 number 51. Martin Chater does not appear, after knee injuries in second training and is already for the season.

The world's title is to protect Swiss, Beat Feuz, who will be on the way as 14. A & # 39; The first was followed by French Adrien Theaux.

The jury at World Championships in Alpine skiing in Aare decided that today's skiing would be for men at the start of the high jump. The reason for such a decision is the last snow, the wind and the cloud are low.

Martin Chatter Wengen


End of the season for the best Slovak skipper




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