The benefits of Hydroituango made us trust, says Aciem


After the hydraulic closures in Hydroituango created problems in at least ten coastal towns due to the loss of the depth of the River Magdalena River, the Department's authorities have a concern about the & # 39; the project.

Although it is true that environmental and environmental authorities consulted hereby ensure that they have been informed, they have not been consulted and have not been warned about the effects of the work on Water in the Caribbean Department, the situation also has a & # 39; Think of why authorities were allowed, they did not give a warning, or to # 39; questioned the control and control of Hioroituango over the Cauca River, Magdalena's main furniture.

It should be remembered that the Ituango Hydro-Electric Project is the most economical project in the history of the country in terms of energy, from generating 17% of the energy and giving more than 2,400 megawatts.

In this way, it's inside the benefits of its & # 39; The project will reduce the cost of electricity, especially in the Caribbean sector, one of the largest in the operation of its project, due to electricity purchases made by Electricaribe.

According to Carlos Pantoja, president of the Colombian Engineers Association, the Atlantic chapter, the benefits of Hydroituango "had a" reduction of protection "from the Department's authorities; Charibbean, before committing economic power. "Our authorities and the national authorities thought their achievements were to be achieved and that reduced their protection, due to the economic power commitment and cheap, "said Pantoja.

He also noted that, as a result of these commitments, Electricaribe bought "important" to the project, but at the end they can not afford this and, therefore, They have had an additional impact on the environmental problem in the Department.

In addition, the engineer stressed that the authorities were optimistic about creating their project, since all the guarantees began to create; provide the same checks.

On the other hand, the representative to the Cesar Lorduy Chamber said that there was a reduction in the energy cost for Colombia's Colombian Hydroituango due to the cost of energy, so they also believed that the project would come out.

"I believe that the Department had no more interest in its success, to the extent that we still saw the effects on the Magdalena River and, as such, Each of the spoils and the effects that we are today have taken us with the pants down, "said its collection.

Increase reach

Head of the Western Nation Committee, Ricardo Plata Cepeda, said the environmental impact surveys would have to Increase their capacity, due to the events in Hydroituango, especially for the unexpected events or disasters that could have a project of this size.

He explained that surveys will usually focus on the effects of a moderate size or the likelihood of a & # 39; happening. "We need to improve the most inappropriate situations but potentially a project," said the union of the trade unions.

Also, Plata said, when you talk about the towns that Hydroituango has to do; In effect, you can only build about a dozen towns in Antioquia. "Antioquia's political management boundaries are likely to limit the environmental impact of their project, but there are probably dozens of other cities in Córdoba, Bolívar, Sucre and even in Atlántico," he said. .


Bolivar Dumek Turbay's ruler, told EL HERALDO that he would take legal measures against the EPM, due to the low-level damage of the Magdalena River in the towns of La Mojana Sucreña, Cordovan and Bolivarian.

This Sabbath, assemblies to that demand and emphasized that the Antioquia company needed to compile out all of the numbers that affected the suspension of hydropower Hydro-fluid .

Gen. Cepeda's grandfather decided that the effects of those numbers, which are particularly fishing, should not be taken to take legal action against their company. "They even added the number of dead fish, said they were only 1%. Not only are the deaths of these effects today, but they have an impact for over year, "he said and said EPM needs to respond with his own resources.

Cepeda said he was confidently hoped that his company had done the projects and, therefore, that the environmental authorities have agreed to them, so it was not seen by society the coast in the & # 39; Transport that was not adversely affected by the project. "Many geological studies have been shown which showed that the mountain was stable, the EPM was an effective company that would be completed quickly and today we see less than two years if the project is ready , "said a & # 39; collection.

At the same time, the producer to the Chamber, Martha Villalba, said that "obvious" is that he was from the beginning of his / her; The project could not take into account the potential impact of the entire Department.

"It has been noted that there was a good opportunity to plan their own project and that their area was not expected to have a unique impact where the jobs are being made, but also on the coast as we can see today, "he said.

In this regard, Villalba made it clear not only that legal actions should be taken against EPM, but also all the authorities involved in the process. "Those who are responsible for the vast environmental damage that we live in today's country must leave, because there is a lack of research in this project," he said.

Also, Seanad Carlos Meisel said that the country should begin to work together to overcome the crisis caused by Hydroituango and thus avoid environmental and economic hazards; Failure to project. "For many things in life, the day is just yesterday, to comment on what has already happened," said the Speaker.

He also added to the authorities that today make sure they have not been consulted when the project has been completed, the complaints should be matched.

Hydroituango opened the water floods

After the flooding of the Hydroituango landfill was opened on Friday night and the flow of the Cauca River flowed, Public Empresas de Medellín (EPM) indicated that the current was flooding. Increase by passing hours. "At midnight on Saturday, 9th February, the level of reservoir located at a height (height) is 401.83 meters above sea level, is 77m3 / s filled and there is a stream A project spread of 107.5 m3 / s. With these indicators, the River Cauca is beginning to consolidate its streamline, "said EPM.

According to the company, during the weekend the Cauca River stream gradually increased to reach the level the river is usually for this time of year. It is estimated that the small level of Magdalena river rises slightly.

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