The benefits of Longchamp from leaving big names


New York, February 10, 2019 (AFP) – More American designers hosting New York Fashion Week, the motto that is most likely to be; preparing in foreign countries.

Longchamp – AFP

The New York program has been freed in recent years with Chinese, Korean, Korean, South American, Canadian, Turkish or Italian or French, such as Longchamp, who show this collection in the autumn of Saturday. 2019 in Wall Street, after his first parade in New York in September.

The family house equivalent to leather, travel and horse race has lasted a priority on selling its sales in the United States and has opened up new stores in New York and on the west side, "so it's very important to be here," said Olivier Cassegrain, a post president who was responsible for spreading, AFP.

By leaving the names of New York Fashion Week as Raf Simons, Monse, Rodarte or Rihanna, offering opportunities to others, he says.

"It gives us an opportunity (for its parade) the right people, the good journalists In Paris, to take every slot, it is very competitive, and so it's very sad to be ".

This family home stylist, Sophie Delafontaine, lives in the classical line of narrow privacy, and shows Kendall Jenner models, messenger ambassador, and Kaia Gerber, a 17-year-old.

Longchamp's "sex bend" or sizes were limited, but some motions: black black leather was on everything, like pleated skirts, tulle and wool loops, silk uniform and blouses, and many black differences / white, as the new emblem letters of the "LGP" brand, and # 39; gutted on jackets.

A classic image was also clarified by a large number of times to Concorde: the captivation of the inspired models by the man designed by Andrée Putman for the supersonic plane.

Waiting for the elevation of Sirian

Although immigrants are increasingly important, some American designers have a " continue to "make the icon" as a Christian Siriano, who knew his & her; "Real Runway" program and has been one of Hollywood's stories.

This season, the 33-year-old stylist who is usually a & # 39; using their pairs for the protection of LGBT causes and is one of the podiums diversity initiatives, which he chose to appear at the "Top of the Rock" on the 67th floor. Rockefeller Center, a monster footprint for builders.

One of the Syrian expert's evening dresses, and this time again, were planned, full of ruffles, large ribbons, in blue, blue, purple or black scenes, and # 39 ; singing under the eyes of star star in the front row, including Mariska Hagitray's actresses, from the "Law and Order" series, or Christina Hendricks, from "Mad Men" and "Good Girls".

Siriano was one of the first ones who encouraged the rounded modules, and brought forward to the star star of Ashley Graham, who closed on Saturday, with a long silver shirt. off, under public shoes. B & # 39; It was Catrìona TRIOMPHE

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