The best 2019 Grammys shows are rated: Cardi B, Malone Post, Lady Gaga and more


61st Annual GRAMMY Awards - Inside

Ai's performance at Cardi B.

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Even without Beyonce no Distribution, the Grammar 2019.

On Sunday night, he saw the 61th Grammy Awards, Childish Gambino continued to play a great deal with This is America for Recording and Song of the Year, and Kasey Musgraves for Album of the Year.

Although some of the big names such as Queen Bee and Swift did not even turn in the Staples Center in Los Angeles (she saw her album with Jay-Z in major areas and did not appear last year Last year) there were memorable mammals from, well, whole range of exhibitions.

From a bilingual piano player to Motown, these are the best Grammy scenes in the order of prizes that represent an allegiance. But did they reach Beyonce fertile levels of majesty? That's what you should be looking at below. (Disclosure: The Grammys on broadcasting on CBS, CNET parent company).

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61st Annual GRAMMY Awards - Inside

One is a talented woman in Alicia Keys.

Kevin Winter

1. Alicia Keys – Killing me calmly, uncertain, Use someone, New York and more

She simultaneously plays two pianos. She's spending Carmen San Diego. What can the 61th Grammys hospitality do? Alicia Keys's love was a great music and one of the most important aspects of the show, not to mention her own music. When she was finally singing her own songs, New York, he became … weird. Determining that she is & # 39; top of this list.

2. Janelle Monáe – Make my sense

Oh we are feeling. Janelle Monáe made her way to the top of this list with her army of women in space chambers, Michael Jackson would have been proud of. These blue lights, purple smoking, are that fatal song about love – "Let's have a monologue grid." Thank you, good night.

3. Camila Hair, Ricky Martin, J Balvin, Thug Young Young, Arturo Sandoval – Havana

How does the show showcase the largest music awards? Take our hearts to Havana. Camila Cabello did just that, with a great dance team and Young Thug, Ricky Martin, J Balvin and Arturo Sandoval, known for a great disaster and played the song he composed. Look at advanced level design that includes large colorful chambers that need to be part of Cul-uinneag's music.

4. Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson – Salach

Gaga has raised us as we are happy in this modern world with Shallow, the song that featured in the Star Oscar and won the Pop Duo / Group Performance at Grammys this year, sa. Her talent runs deep and her star star star has a clear star, shared with her; British, DJ Ron Ronson.

5. Cardi B – Money

Yes, a girl on the previous cardi B's name and everyone's name to find out now. That vision is just inside the camera. Chile. Cardi B wins Gram (for the Best Album Album) – the main activity itself – to draw up a level decorated with purp just from the underground jazz club. Then she welcomed WakandaAfter Forever. Give our money!

6. Brandi Carlile – The Joke

Comparison to & # 39; side, Brandi Carlile went down below, & # 39; Bringing all his friendship with a song about the depiction there. The most famous woman of the 61th Grammys had a great reputation for him. Agree Even Post MaloneNext Post Take a bow.

7. Dolly Parton, Kasey Musgraves, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and more – Donly Parton Gift

This will just get props for Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus knows Jolene. That's what we learned here, as we would already know. With many other artists, along with Dolly himself (in red shoes), the greatness of her & # 39; Gràmais & # 39; Dolly Parton disappointed. Easter Egg: See BTS to jump down Every word in the audience.

8. Dan + Shay – Tequila

"When I am, when I am, when IIIII" – how can I play in the # 39; back when I feel sorry? And then that last note is from Shay when that does include a heart break. A glass drink for these country music duo, which won the best Duo Country / Performance Group for their amazing tequila.

9. St. Vincent, Second Lipa – Masseduction, Respect, One Pony

When the Second Lipa went out of the back of the platform to join St Vincent out, two good pictures were made. All of you seem to have all black and white treaties and coats that you need. Their interpretation on Aretha Franklin & Respect was a major event, together with the solo guitar of St Vincent. The two were completely in a treaty, even though Dua Lipa, his best-known Grammy winner, would have had Bobby pensions to keep his dress up.

10. Kasey Musgraves – Bogha-frois

Listen to these words. Kasey Musgraves, a Grammy winner for the latest version of the Year, has filled the Staples Center with a huge rainbow of rural music. "Everything is right now." Yes it is.

11. Post Malone and Red Hot Chili Peppers – Fuirich, Rockstar, Dark Needs

Smoke Smoky Smoke up Malone's post, a vocal guitar and his golden teeth with gold mice to match them. Bored gold; there. Add RHCP to it. More gold.

12. Diana Ross – The Best Years of My Life, Reach Out and Touch

She'll turn 75 the next month. The born singer in Detroit is famous for The Supremes, one of the most successful Motown singers. Introduced by her grandson, she hit the platform in an older red-haired dress. Right to the end, she gave us the best years of life. She can not keep her tears back. Also, how can it be 74? Happy Birthday!

13. Travis Scott – Can not Say

Cue sèist vibrato anabarrach. Then travis Travis Scott in a cage – with young hip hop men who climb up the sides, beautifully the grandson of Ross. Scott could have argued one of the most impressive stages of the night – he gave him a climb.

14. Shaun Mendes, Miley Cyrus – In Blood

Shaun Mendes is not just Shaun Mendes on her piano, with her faults; give a golden light. Le Miley Cyrus, a gold orchestra supporter and fan with gold, is more than a party in the US.

15. H.E.R. – Hard place

There will be a disco ball-shaped suit, clear guitar and the exact sunnies of John Lennon – ever changing, H.E.R. After all that was produced for R & B, one guitar was included.

16. Jennifer Lopez, Smokey Robinson – A dance in the street, Mr. Postman, Money That's what I want, War (What's good for it) and more

What's going on? J. raised up through Motown's motive platform (some of his arguments) and made a minute by sending everyone to his / her; sing my daughter. With Alicia Keys cameo, Lopez did not use it.

17. Chloe x Halle – Where's the love?

In praise of Dhonny Hathaway, the starrays presented the Grammy recreation internet to their CV, along with the Beyonce opening ceremony. And they did not disappoint their own special duet style.

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