The best 7 Android applications up to October 2018


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Some of the best bids for 2018 for Android are new and others have been among the best for years. In any case, we are confident that any of these applications will make your life easier and will help you to make the most of the Android device.

Niagara Launcher

Are you looking for a new image or "skin" for an Android phone? He is worthy of considering Niagara Launcher. It is handsome, stylish, diminished, and adds to some of the features that can be very useful. For example, you can change the size of the images of your applications quickly and easily and also change the name of the applications. You can also change the "black-clean" mode, which is particularly dark, among many other features. The engineer is currently being developed, but you can download the previous version in Google Play Store.


Privacy is a growing concern in today's society, and so you may want to get some control over your application licenses. Bouncer helps you. Throughout the application, you can give permission for a period of application, which allows you to allow Twitter to get on your camera, but just for a few seconds when you open the camera in the Twitter bid. In other words, with Bouncer you do not have to worry about what the bids do in the # 39; behind.


It is an 1lyrics application that will help you find the words you want. The application will work with your Spotify, Google Play Music and Amazon Music to show you the words you listen when you listen. Throughout 1lyrics, you can download files for viewing online, change the subject of the application according to your style and more.

Breakers Spoilers

Are you worried that you will find online distributors for your favorite movies or TV shows? Spoilers Blocker is the application for you. The application is in development, allowing you to submit movies and television programs about what you do not want to make spoilers, and then the application will impede a special text to & It could be in terms of keywords related to spoilers. It will not be as effective as completely avoiding content, but it's really useful.


The Tor browser is widely considered as the safest internet browser, and now there is a browser version for Android. It is still being developed, and you have to install Orbot because of that, a proxy application that the browser uses to connect to the Tor network, but if you are worried about security, it is worth a bug fix. may be possible. The browser will shut down the administrators, and # 39; avoiding research, among other very useful security options.


The mobile mobile application of YouTube is increasingly impressive and spectacular, and, Take the video site into the palm of your hand. For those who subscribe to YouTube Red, they will have access to all key content, as well as specific features such as audio recording while the screen is away.

Facebook Messenger for children

Facebook Messenger Kids (for children) may seem to have been created for the children, but it is designed for parents. With the request, parents have control of their children's communication list, and messages can not be deleted, and this means that parents can register to watch at any time they are want. Of course, some beautiful children have beautiful features, such as appropriate stickers for children, GIFs, emojis, etc.

These are just 7 of the best Android phone apps that make sure your phone is sure to provide more complex knowledge with apps that are very useful and easy to use.

Source: Google PlayStore.

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