The best and worst of Fernando Alonso


Fernando Alonso has cited a time in his formal Formula 1 career, a man who has done a bit of everything since his inception in 2001 …

He has spent a time at Minardi, Renault, McLaren and Ferrari as a 17-year career, and won two World Championships.

Although he was regarded as one of the best drivers ever since, the Spanish did not disturb a small dispute during his time in F1. We have compiled a list of the best and worst times in the sport.

The best categories

Double World Championship

After being directed for Minardi in 2001, Alonso moved to Renault as the pilot driver, under the wing of Flavio Briatore, the main team of the Renault team at the time.

Briatore got rid of Jenson Button, who gave Alonso's race seat for the 2003 season. The hatred was terrible, but Italy sent the simple statement: "Tell me if I'm wrong."

He was not.

The Spaniards went on to win both the 2005 and 2006 World Championships, and hindering the wild competitors Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen.

At this time, he was the World Championships; youth (2005) and World globes (2006), just for breaking both of these recordings by Sebastian Vettel in 2010 and 2011.

When Fernando said his first title, It could be said to be one of the best features in the history of sport.

As it is only two Oralty, however, it's a great surprise. Alonso lost out in the final race of the season in 2007, 2010 and 2012.

Radio Òrain

From playing in his original days in F1 for a & # 39; sings and climbing in his last years in sport, he's been in a position; giving something for fans to talk to their radio messages.

A version of "We are the Champions" came after he got his second title in 2006, but he has been very hungry for his life.

One of the most prominent in the sports lines is "GP2, GP2 engine". McLaren was in his first year with Honda, and it happened to be said over the Suzuka radio waves, Honda's home race … Awkward!

Recently, the message "Now we are able to have a" fight "from Australia has come back to bite on her; behind. As Toro Rosso appeared later in the 2018 season.

One of the most famous radio talks came when he was not in the car, or even in the country. Alonso in the United States was preparing for the Indy 500, with Jenson Button a & # 39; takes over his McLaren for Doctor Monaco.

Cue Jenson and the old man in your case!

Environmental Summary

In addition to our online touring, we saw Alonso's funny side enough times from the road. Unfortunately, humor has been very often due to the most beautiful and existing circumstances.

Initially, we need to talk about the time of delating at Interlagos.

This incredible image has built to twittersphere to go to a & # 39; melted with its hashtag #PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe. From The Hangover, to Where & Wally's (not Fernando in this case), some of the answers were brilliant.

And he got even better, when Alonso got in Hungary in 2017, Situated for this photograph, before the beginning of summer. The full result of nonsense f *** s is given.

Back to Brazil right now, and this time in 2016, consider what? You've got a break to McLaren again.

But, this time, he got a different job line, but as you can see from this movie, it was not good at …

Maybe he's not the sack in TV when he retires from a race?

The Worst Bears

Without seasons 2007 with Lewis

In 2007, Alonso's two flagship bands were set up with the McLaren musician who defended Lewis Hamilton.

It was a very wrong thing.

The two were involved in an Annual Championship battle, but after a few months, things started to be removed. Alonso had to say after Canada's Grand Prix in June:

"Well, from the beginning I have never had a feeling comfortable. I have a British partner in the British team, and he does a good job and we know that the help and help all of it and I realized that from the beginning. "

However, he grew worse in August at the Hungaroring in certification. McLaren said that Hamilton had opposed the team's orders to allow Alonso to get ahead of the way, but this brought about …

Alonso gave five-point grid penalties for the incident, which led to British police.

McLaren did not give Constructors points for the race weekend, and they had not won the prize for the team.

That was bad for Woking's clothes, but it would make it worse for McLaren …


Alonso has been involved in a great deal of controversy during his long term position in Formula 1, and perhaps the most of all is; coming into McLaren's same season.

It was found that Mike Coughlan's team designer, in the possession of a 780-page document of Intellectual property Ferrari.

Earlier in the morning of the Grand Prix of Hungary, Alonso told the team leader Ron Dennis that he had been unsure of some unsuccessful e-mail, Coughlan himself, and the driver of Pedro de la Rosa. He also told Dennis that he would give them to FIA if Dennis did not go into Hamilton.

Dennis told Max Mosley, President of the FIA ​​at the time: "There is no information, there's nothing to come up; I can prove to you if there was something, Max, I would have told you."

At the end, the team went out of Competition & # 39; Constructors, and gave them the number 22 and 23 on their cars in 2008, and McLaren received a fine of $ 100 million.

A year later, and Alonso was involved in another big controversy. Crashgate to delete crackdown.

The Spanish, himself, for the event, was not blamed by the FIA, but was defeated in the Grand Prix of Singapore in 2008 to eliminate the allegations that came out of after him.

The company Nelson Piquet Jr was asked to disrupt Renault after Alonso had been able to go to her. He made his early fight, with all that brought to Alonso, win the race.

But, when Piquet was ruined, the proverbial hit the follower. Briatore left and Symonds left the team, but Alonso kept his influence …

He is still counting, despite Simon Barnes of The Times saying "the worst part of a sporting era" is the result, because the accident could have a serious impact on fans, leaders and even Piquet Jr himself.

Oh yes … the old "Fernando faster than you" was sent to Felipe Massa in Germany 2010, which brought to the media conference …

And he has not yet won his competition … despite his & # 39; won "dirty".

Bad Team Options

Many believe that Alonso has been one of the most successful ever-ever in Formula 1, but his position has been written by poor jobs.

AGAINST McLaren's Avatar in 2007, then returning to the new Renault team just a year later. However, it was probably not the biggest mistakes to record Red Bull on "six hours", and, indeed, the McLaren returned.

In his four years with the Woking cover since he returned again in 2015, the Spanish did not turn his / her back; podium, except by Jenson Button in Brazil (the same weekend as the tennis).

Only four P5 exams have come from the second phase with McLaren, and his last return to Ferrari's days, at his Spanish home race, was launched in 2013. Each of these wild numbers work as kiss the stomach.

Back in 2014, Ron Dennis stated that the Honda engine would be "a piece of jewelery" that they used to use; a year later and that "competition was unsuccessful", as Alonso introduced for McLaren to be a current paid driver at the time.

Oh how wrong it was …

It is safe to say that we lose Fernando Alonso, so his team, Renault, will send these amazing pictures of the Champion Champion bilingually.

So, we are there, Fernando and Formula 1 have gone out the way. I hope that there is a chance to come back for one last goal to enjoy and enjoy. leave the correct words.

Good friend!

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