The Best Company now sells Google Fi SIM cards


Google I offers a big step into today's sale, with a Better Company now & # 39; SIM cards sold for the MVNO at more than 500 of its stores. The Fi SIMs cost at $ 9.99 each at a purchase, but you will receive $ 10 credit for your service within a week of operation. Here is the link you can check to find out if your nearest source is still sold.

For now, the Best Company only sells Conversation and SIM Text cards. If you're looking for data only – for a tablet, maybe – you need to get that directly from Google Fi. But the move to the best Buy shelves is still a huge increase for Google Fi, which is now located near services and other pre-paid tools at Best Buyers. Both new and existing customers can buy Google Fi SIM, although there are restrictions on the replies that are already available to customers. (They are always available free from the Fi website, but this may be faster if you can not wait to travel.)

Google Fi starts at $ 20 / month for text calls and texts, and $ 10-per-GB for mobile phone data. Last year's last year, Google published a great expansion for Fi that provided additional support to many other devices (including iPhones) and released the "Project Fi" company ; before. Moving into pork-mortar retail is still another factor of continuous growth. It's very amazing, posting Reddit Google Fi about the news releases that Best Buy staff can not help with the implementation of users, so the seller seems to have some manual handling . But Google got a step-by-step qualification on that process if you need it.

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