The best goal was “Barcelona”, 119 years ago, that Messi found the wings, as a result in Barcelona.


Posted by Mar 28, 2019

One of the four residents left: his best goal is to mention the 119-year history

Lionel Messi. Photo:

FC Barcelona gave a vote that reached the best goal in 119 years of livelihood. This is highlighted on the CC page on Twitter.

So, four goals reached the final of the vote, three of which were marked by Lionel Messi. Consequently, the ball was recognized as the highlight, which Argentina put into the Spanish Cup final in 2006/07 against Getafe (5: 2). He gained 45% of the vote.

In that game, Messi saw an amazing speed speed run – he ran over 50 meters with the ball, defeated four tournaments on the one side, and then “pointed out”. gamekeeper Getafe and played the game into the empty net.

As previously reported by NEWSONE, the former footballer at the Donetsk "Shakhtar" club Francelino Matuzalem was admitted to hospital Tuesday, 26 March.

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