The best part of this year is to reach the perigee in the middle of its; this month – this can be used, here, the ground – Times Securities


2018-12-11 14:58:16 Source: Security Sharing Network

The Department of Surgery at the University of Maryland has released a message that a small comet will reach a person on the 16th and be the best accomplishment in the night sky in 2018.

According to Maryland's relevant consideration project, the 46P / Wertanin nominated comedy will come to the passenger at 8: 6 am (16: 6 Beijing time on 16th) after coming to the day closer for almost 4 days. – About 11.5 million kilometers from the ground. This is the tenthest closest to Earth since 1950.

The comet itself is very clear, if the vision is obvious enough, even visible to the bare eye. At this time, people can already use the telescope to see this comet. After coming to the nearest day, follow up the comments on this host for several weeks.

(Source Article: Securities Times Network)

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