The best Smart Smart Band in Indonesia


Jakarta, Selular.ID – Over the past year there are three new players on the smartphone market in the country: Honor, Pocophone and Realme. South of the three, which is suitable for the title "best newcomer"?

At the launch of the Realme 3 in Indonesia, Josef Wang, Director of Realme SEA Marketing, says Realme is the most comprehensive phone phone in Indonesia.

For some reason, Josef described the Realme achievements in his first three months in the islands.

Starting in India, Realme started in May last year and started going into the Indonesia market in October 2018.

Targeting young users, Realme brings three models at one time (C1, 2 and 2 Pro). All these models are being welcomed by national practitioners, including Realme U1.

  • Realme U1 is selected by moving photojournalists
  • The Realme 2 Pro is an excellent platform for young people
  • Realme 2 is the best option for smartphones at a price of less than Rp2 million
  • Seal C1 is the value of king's entrance value

"Amazing achievement in a short time," Josef said.

"We got the title of Triple Industries on Harbolnas's title at Lazada," Josef Wang said.

Achievement was achieved by effective first-line agreement of the results with a variety of medium explanations and accessible prices.

"Even the Umeme Real U1 published in December 2018 sold 100,000 units in December alone," he said.

For large sellers, this figure may not be a remarkable number, but for a new corn crop, it will surely be the highest achievement of it.

“This is a great success for us as a new flag," he added.

Josef then said there are 6,500 retail outlets and 3,300 retailers in Indonesia at Realme at this time. This year the company promised to continue to develop the festival sales channel for all areas.

"This journey is amazing and the best results are still coming. We will continue to extract products that serve the needs of young people," he said.

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