The "Big Bang Theory" series brings two parties, one night


It's all finished with a bigger brag.

CBS & # 39; Big Bang Theory which includes its 12-season a & # 39; Spring runs with a double program Chuck Lorre series series co-creator tells TVLine.

"It's an hour – two programs are required," said Lorre Thursday. "There will be two separate programs," delivered on the same night (TBA date), "there will be a line."

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Lorre won news with us, where the hitcom was honored by her. providing a long-term home, Level 25, as "Big Bang Theory Level. "It only marks a fifth time in the 95th anniversary of Warner Bros. Studios, who is honored (continued ER, Friends, Two and Men and The Ellen Degeneres exhibition).

Previously Two and half-men encouraging her own path, "I did not know that that was an option. You do not think about that," said Lorre. "We're going to work every day to make a good presentation, we're not thinking about getting a record. But the record is very rewarding It seems that the exhibition is part of the "lottery" history.

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As part of the conviction service, it was also noted that Theory Big Bang is the easiest video camera series in television history, with 279 programs.

Not only Lorre was planning to achieve that milestone, "I did not expect Season 2We did not know if we were doing it, "he said." I do not like that dream. The dreams are, & # 39; How we do the show we are doing; doing right now better? How will we put this vision into a second action? Does the story work, do the scenes work …? You focus on the right ones in your front. "

What is it? you are Want to happen before Leonard, Sheldon, Penny et al to take forward?

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