The Big Seekers have won at home, the Canadian heroes got from Canada


Slock in the final is just played with the Czech
Slock in the final is just played with the Czech

BRATISLAVA – Representatives from the SR took place 3rd of the Balloon Hockey Ball Association (WBHF) 3 of 3 2018 in the Bratislava Hant area (11-16 November). The home team was among their favorite places for the title, but opposed to the Czech Republic, which transposed the Slovak team in the final 9: 8.

Third, the Slovakian won over 12: 6 Britain. Canada was a & n; overall win, which ended the Czech Republic 19: 6 in the final. Among the men of the competition were Russia, Hungary, the European Team, France, Finland.

"We're really sorry because we wanted to go to the finals, but the Slovak hockey game is clear, Canada was very strong, it's a hockeyball cricket. ; there, and I think the competition was good, but it's hard to have no more fans. It has been played during the working week, " General Manager Dominik Város TV director said.

"Everyone has many shoes, one player has broken eyes, another boy is sewing. Everyone has taken unpleasant memories, but they will pass, but the coin will still be" SR Co, Peter Merschitz added.

Even in the women's department, the world's campaigns became Canadian representatives, who were affecting a 14: 2 laird on UK players. The Schoacchers took a fourth distinguished cross in the bird duel that beat them 3: 6.

Canada has reinforced the leadership of gold maladies in the masters department (over 35 years), in which, final win over the Czech Republic 13: 4. Slovakia was over the European Team 11: 9 in third place and won bronze.

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