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As Yesterday's more than 12,000 active partners at the Happy Paper Sports Center for The Paper Paper Big Walk, so the storm clouds made.

Despite the rubbish that was there; lasting well after the banner time that was planned at 7.30am, many were still waiting to clear the air to accommodate a 5km route.

But for the first time in the 25 editions, the Big Step had to be suspended due to an electronic danger, which made it unsafe to move forward.

Mr Ramli Ahmad, 71, who has attended every Round Tour since his inception in 1991, feared that he had to stop this year's walk. Since 1994, Amara's security chief at Amara Singapore has said he wants to create his own clothes for every Slighe Mor, and this year he collected 150 Yakult bottles empty and spent three days Creating refurbishment on one of its interesting locations Post-

He said: "I'm really sorry because I've been preparing everything."

Despite the disappointment, Mr Ramli's mind is on the next big tour, saying: "The next year, it will be something different."

Some of the participants did not stop their "Big Tour" get their kilometer, with lots of choices to walk around the 900m 100Plus Promenade route, circulated at the National Stadium.


There is nothing we can do about it (the closing) … but we can still enjoy the carnival.

MR WILLIAM SEE, who traveled from Jurong's home with his wife, Lacilia Toh, to take part in the tour.

Ms Nor Hida, 34, said he was not unhappy that the walk was convicted, but did not stop the civil servant and her family, who had completed two rounds of the line.

Her son's nine-month behaviors, Ms Nor said she expected to walk every 5 kilometers slowly, before taking a breakfast and breakfast. going to a carnival pitch out at the CBS Square.

Freeze cooling drinks, cold milk, games and fortunately, the sponsors' bundles will be Big Walk sponsors – including Workforce Singapore, the Three-Time Fellowship for Faster Employer Recruitment Practices, Osim and 100Plus – help with & # 39; gives joy to the people who stay behind.

Like many, Mr William See and his wife Lacilia Toh, the 50 men, were refused after they had to travel from their home in Jurong to take part in her. round, but they did most of it by going to & # 39; hitting in the place of meat.

Mr See said: "We can not do anything about it (the closure) … but we can still enjoy his carnival."

He said the new Paper partner Eugene Wee says: "I'm glad everyone has still met a quiet Sunday morning. We hope our readers will join us again to walk the next year. "

• Additional statement by Jasmine Choong

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