The biggest Disney-Fox market investment with its mega-flowing confederacy, crosses Netflix and Amazon


According to researchers, the connection of Disney-Fox and Comcast-Sky will be very much involved in the world market at least in investment, which promises to remove the scepter to Netflix.

The mix of it Disney and Fox and its appearance in 2019 of the new flow platform at the Mickey Mouse house, which promotes a huge change in the & # 39; business flows.

So at least a number of researchers Ampere signature , who decides that this connection, and Comcast / Sky, will be much more than nearly one-fifths of full-fledged other competitors such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

According to the survey: "This represents a total total value of US $ 43BN by the end of 2018, with $ 17 billion spent by Disney / Fox on content that was started and its # 39 ; Get Comcast / Sky US21 billion. Perhaps two-fifths of the total content is mediated ".


This is also added to the case at Disney + at the end of the distributor rights to other platforms of its original content.

The study also says, "How are companies like that Netflix and Amazon they still continue to store substantially in content, a move that is; show that there are no signs to reduce. We expect Netflix to cost more than $ 8 billion on a profit and loss basis by the end of 2018, and the giant has repeatedly recalled that he will Increase its content budget. Before the recent competitions, Netflix was on the course to make the Hollywood studio the best to play. Cost of receiving content (and sending). However, according to the two new groups together, Netflix now had to abandon its cost to achieve this work. "

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