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Anders Larsson, Chairman of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association. Today, a new Swedish hockey series will be delivered. Picture: Bildbyrån

Inspector Ola Lundberg is ready. Today he gives the work of his work, the largest Swedish hockey research ever. The League has made changes earlier, or agreed proposals for the changes that the initiatives have given. But this study is unique.

"We have regularly reviewed the system of small-scale series in a Swedish ice hockey. But this largest grid is the largest new three-phase cover in the current day, Today, says Anders Larsson, chairman of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, to Hockeypuls.

But the way to the changes is complex – and so Hockeypul gives guidance on what this is; happening and what will happen in the future.

16:30: Now the research is given – find the answers that Swedish hockey can change

The guide is about the great sequence that Hocaidh Suain has explored; talk about it

What is this research going on?

The Slovenian Ice Hockey Association selected to explore the series system in Swedish hockey on the side of the people. It includes the number of teams and systems to reinstall and drag for SHL, hockey every Swedish team and hockey. Inspector Ola Lundberg has met with clubs from the entire series and listening to the various recommendations, and is based on collecting how the string system can look in the future.

Why are you doing this?

Because the criticism was hard as opposed to its design. A sad system to sell to the audience, and that it was too difficult to rise between SHL and Hockeyallsvenskan. For example, the destruction of the old series was severely criticized.

Is the system bad?

Yes and no, according to who you ask. Criticists from fans to special clubs have been crucial, but despite the fact that the company has launched this research, Anders Larsson does not want to say that the system is running th; at the moment has been bad.

"No, we do not think that the string system has been negative for a Swedish ice hockey. We have a very active model, but there have been discussions about the opportunities that # 39; in rising or going out, "he said.

Should there be any changes?

No, there is no promise that the linear system changes, and the linear review may end in the # 39; litter bin. There are many powerful forces and will in hockey in Sweden and the power is largely in SHL, where the money is available. This recommendation will be debated, but at a & # 39; Ultimately, the voting and voter areas, that is, the regulators in the different areas can change from a variety of directions.

What's happening right now?

The research will be delivered Friday, first at a lunchtime conference conference, and then publicly at a news conference. The Hockeypuls live media conference can be seen. Then we will know what the explorer considers the best system for Swedish hockey based on the ideas he received during the research.

And then?

Yes, there is no promise to deal with the examiner's recommendation. For late, the search will be submitted to clubs and areas in the country. The report refers to the Swedish Hockey Association's Board of Directors and his / her; compiling a recommendation made at the Commonwealth meeting on June 15. Then every country in the country can vote if you want the application.

So when can a new row system apply?

In the first season 2020-21, it is said.

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